Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sitting in the midst of a crowd
hearing a single voice speaking up loud,
the faces seem to be so down & out
No one seems to understand what all this is about.

Some are sleeping, some playing games,
Some reading R.K.Jain, some reading Shames.
But no one is reading the wrinting on the canvas.
Everyone is interested in their own business.

Why were we called here?
& why isn't the caller himself not here?
Everyine is lost in their own world,
but, everyone's expression is so dull...

The faces tell their story.
After a hard-day's work, bereft of all its glory.
Students are forced to see climate change.
Again...and again...and again...

Can't, for this time atleast, we be left out?
Or do we have to shout it aloud?
When people aren't willing to come to it...
Then,why are you forcing this thing..??


We'll take you by storm.
Except us, all will be gone.
In the wind of our spirit thats so bright,
your light will just blow up in fight..!

We give it whatever it takes
no matter how high or low are the stakes.
We give everything our cent percent.
The tower of our valour does never bend.

We rock the world with all our might.
So,you better just run away from our sight.
We win, we win,we win everytime..
We don't think about losing even a single time.

No evil shall ever touch us.
We wish to be as pure as the 5 holy rivers.
But, if someone ever calls to us
we reply with an equal vengeance.

We work with honesty in hard-work's lab.
We don't ever say anything crap.
Never do we take any wrong path,
after all, we are IIT-PUNJAB..!!