Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls at IIT's- part:2 (The adventures of misfortune!)

Hence starts the session at the IIT’s. About 5000 people enter the IIT’s of which about 500 are girls. Now,if you are a girl at IIT, you need not worry about anything. You will be like a princess, you will have loads and loads of admirers, your assignments will be taken care of, everything will be acording to your likes and dislikes and much more.. BUT, if you are a guy, you have got a lot of things to think about. Now, when a guy starts his engineering life, he sees girls for the first time because he has been a geek (by normal standards) for the past 12 years (the contradictions are not absent but very rare). So, now you get to see the college life- the world around us, the sights of nature, outside life, movies every week, malls, and the most influential things- GIRLS.

Now, the realization comes that beauty lies not only in the mathematical equations of calculus but somewhere else too! Something that attracts you blindly without any introduction. Now, comes the understanding of words like “infatuation”, “crush” , ”love”, etc. Everyone gets a copy of "Five point someone" and starts dreaming about a "neha" that they are about to find in the campus. They don't know that all such hopes and dreams of theirs are about to be crushed in near future. (For your information, never dare to even talk about a faculty's daughter. Your grades might just get halved. I know of only one person till date who had an affair with the Dean's daughter and actually got married to her.)

As we already know, the sex ratio at IIT’s is not a thing to be talked about. So, in order to lead a happy life at IIT you must have two things to keep you occupied – studies or relationship. The study ones are called the geeks, whereas the latter ones are called lucky. The (rare) ones having both are called “studs” and the ones having none, living solely on friendship and therefore doing all the useless things in the world, are called the “self-proclaimed studs” (Yours truly also belongs there. This article is a live example my uselessness). Now, in case you are a self-proclaimed stud, you must have worshiped god real hard and true to make you “lucky”. Then, God puts you in departments like Biotechnology and architecture where the females can even outnumber the males, which, is heaven in IIT by any standards! BUT, if you have been unkind to mankind, God may put you in departments like Mechanical engineering where you will feel for even the sight of females. And, if you have been brutal all your life, then beware! God will put you in departments like “mining” and “metallurgy” where the entry of girls is not even permitted!

On the registration day everyone sees all the faces around them. There, you get to see all kind of humans you can think about – grumpy, geek, idiot, stupid, smart, ugly, shy, horrible, Greek-gods, skinny and ,last but not the least, BEAUTIFUL ONES. And, without any mutual understanding, 90% of them keep their eyes engraved on a single person- the girl who is the best among the ones present. Let’s call her Miss Fortune. Now, from a guy’s perspective there are lots of hurdles between him and finding a Miss Fortune for himself.

1)She must have cracked J.E.E and not be someone’s relative who has come to see off someone (this hurts real bad!).
2) She must have chosen your IIT at the time of counseling. (By law of averages, it narrows the number to 60).
3)She must be in your department. (This further narrows the number down to a “maximum” of 10 - biotechnology & architecture are exceptions).
4)She must be your group. (Further narrowing to a maximum of 5.)

Now, in case you do find a Miss fortune satisfying all the above conditions, there are few more important conditions that are to be considered-
5)You get to talk to her. (Now, don’t ask me numbers on that one.)
6)She must give you some “bhaav”. (Don’t be daydreaming about that! She can always have any number of idiots like you at her command.)
7)There should not be anyone ahead of you in the race for the same Miss Fortune.
8)She should not be already committed to someone else (MOST IMPORTANT).

About 10-20% of the girls getting admission in IIT's go on to become someone's Miss fortune. But, everyone participates in the real race for grabbing Miss Fortune. They easily become the center of attention. As soon as guys get to know their names, the nerds flock towards the social networking sites viz orkut, facebook, hi5 and start searching her there. In case they do find her, they add her without a thought. Then, like a child stares at the animals in the zoo, they start checking out her profile and pictures (if she has put any) and hence, try to gather as much info about her as they can. Some go even further by gathering information from their sleuths in other colleges. As soon as she comes on-line,she would see a page showing 30-odd friend requests and a greater number sending her “Hi” as soon as she has logged in. Her scraps would rise exponentially along with beautifully decorated and colourful picture messages and e-cards and there will be a flood of sweet, cute testimonials on her profile. She is followed everywhere, except the loo, with dedication that can put even FBI spies to shame. Now, obviously if you get that much attention, even Gandhiji will get a high air about himself.

So, as mere mortals, the females too get a high air and the males do equally good to promote it. Suddenly, a fashion wave sweeps the academic premises. The makeup shops nearby make a merry and even run out of stock. The makeovers are the in-thing and the studious geeks transform into beautiful models, thereby producing more OOH's and AAH's. In case, you follow your Miss Fortune closely, you can very well see the different skin-shades above and below the neck courtesy their hostel-made beauty-parlours. Every new day presents them as if they are walking the red carpet at the Oscars. And, the dress repetitions, That cant happen! But, on some unlucky days, you can actually tell if your babe took a bath or not by simply seeing her in her true avatar in her "Just-out-of-bed" look. A lot more happening things keep you interested till atleast a month. But,one thing that this race obviously gives, is a very good demonstration of Crab theory- every crab is more interested in other's failure than his own success.

With all these facts in mind, you can very well find the probability of you actually managing to hook up with your Miss Fortune. The probability would come as low as the probability of flying pigs. Just in case she ain't committed, she would most probably fall for the someone of her choice within the first semester. She chooses the one who suits her best, but umpteen hearts break in the background during in the process. Hence, by the time the first semester ends, 20% of the Miss Fortune are already taken. By that time, most of the hopefuls have given up saying ”she was not my type” or “i never tried” (typical loser statement of the diplomats), but still some do keep trying away for the remaining ones and give rise to the part that goes on to dominate the next 4 years of their life. There is also a small portion which stays hopeful and waiting for a chance so as to become the second partner of the first lot of Miss Fortunes. But, they never succeed. ( Losers!! Get a life for yourself first!) So, if the girls are interested in finding some true friends, they do it after the first semester.

Now, howsoever are the girls entering IIT, 20% are already committed or get committed to someone outside ,thus breaking more number of hearts. Now, 40% of girls are out of reach of the aam-junta. But, the rest 60% are yet remaining which can give a great expertized knowledge and demonstration about approaches. Also an equal percentage of guys in IIT are also committed, but the percentage of those who always see their sweetheart in class is limited to single digits only.
{more later}

P.S: IN case you have managed to read through all the crap written above,there is a clarification. Any similarity with reality is unintentional and may vary with the reader's life and opinions.For any objections on the post, please bother to contact or mail me first.


suman kumar said...

thanx 4 understanding the "DARD" of mechanical dept's boys like me.really good article.but sometimes that "DARD" gives me MAAZA also.Assume that ki 'suman ' by badluck got cs in iit ropar ...its sure that no girls talked to him because he is "C...IYA"..I THINK THAT SITUATION WOULD BE MORE PAINFULL THAT WHAT "SUMAN"...ACTUALLU GOING THROUGH NOW...AND THATS WHY I M PROUD TO BE A MECHANICAL ENGINEER....A DEPT WITHOUT GIRLS////////

preetanjali said...

hmmm.... dis one's nice :)
specially ur facts n figures + the Mechanical eng dept situation!!!
i liked it!!! :P
i wonder y dese depts r so hyped abt?...m in EE,,,, although m nt in 'IIT'!!!

dhawal said...

thats the difference yaar...
only IIT's wil giv u the princess feel by evry nerd...

Fidha hussain said...

Nice work.Looking forward to read your articles.Keep blogging....

Yuh said...

hi..nice reading thru ur article.. m rt now in a relationship with a IIT passed-out guy. but i find his mentality queer n his communicative ability v poor. hardly a participating one in our relation.
One friend observed that IIT guys during their formative years r exposed to sexist crap than real interaction that is allowed in our colleges. my classmates-guys r better in openly expressing their opinions, know how to get along n how to convince on matters or make critical remarks. well i should say u people still have a great market in matrimony n specially with not-in-relation-yet just-passed-out-of college girls.

dhawal said...

@yuh: well.. the guy is not be really blamed for tht... The atmosphere here has been like this for ages.. As i described that the geeks suddenly realize that there is also female beauty in the world.. :P and, considering only 10% of IITians are gals, u can quite easily guess the situation.. Every guy treats girl as a princess... This is more true for the ones hailing from conventional backgrounds.. :)
But, i hav seen one things.. IIT guys may be any type, but hardly the rascal types. They won't intend to hurt you..!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

you mention that you know one person who dated and married the deans daughter. i remember one. i cant remember his name though. trying really hard. i think he graduated in 1997, iit bombay, 5 year msc maths (yes! not a typo. i think he is the only one ever who got that degree.), used to ride a hero puch, h2 (my best guess)/ h3 / h4. he was quite active on the cult / lit side. now why cant i remember his name!!
since my memory fails me, appreciate if you can fill in the name.

dhawal said...

actually, the person i was referring to is not in iit bombay. so you and i are referring to different people. So, no use revealing his details.
:) :)

Anonymous said...

SO not close to the reality !! Yhh ..boys are infatuated with girls, but only good looking "fairy type "girls, and not all..!!

Anonymous said...

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