Saturday, April 24, 2010


With heavy arms and fallen eyes,
a happy face as my disguise,
I try to live here in this world
with all its twirls and swirls.

I try to keep myself sheltered
from all the moseries and hatred.
But the more i try to do so,
the more i end up as hurt.

All the pain inside my heart
has made me strong on the outside.
And just like a coconut
I'm hollow on the inside.

My eyes have dried of their tears.
My heart is scared of my fears.
And i have lived this miserable life
all through these lifelong years.

I want to talk but my lips don't move.
I want to smile but my muscles refuse.
And even when i want to die,
God makes sure that its just a lie.

I lie here hollow and lifeless,
Living on my own through the mess.
So, i stopped caring about it all.
But, no change can change me at all.

You're Beautiful..!!

Those beautiful eyes & lovely face
gets me lost in a maze,
Of which i don't wanna cum out.
"Coz i love girl", Thats what i wanna shout!

I tried to try many lines
"You complete me" or "Will you me mine?"
But when i see your angelic face,
words leave me & you take my breath away!

None can love you the way i do.
But how do i get to tell this to you?
But, are you too dumb to understand
that you are in love with the guy in front of you?

I'd fulfill all your wishes.
if required, I'd even cook the dishes
& still i'd love you day and night.
You are my moon & you are my light.

Your beautiful face, your cute smile,
Your sweet voice, Your sensuous style
Your flowing hair, your blue eyes,
Makes me go mad all the time.

I love you from the core of my heart. Your're as beautiful as a dove.
So, what the hell are you waiting for? Gimme a kiss & accept my love!!!