Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I cried but tears refuse to fall.
My heart shatters, but no sound at all.
I don't know what wrong i did,
Hey God, can you answer my call..?

I was doing what i had to do..
trying to stay impartial and all..
I was steadily treading my path,
When, out of the blue, came this call.

You didn't do anything wrong, you say
But, did i do anything wrong? I ask.
All i ever said was the truth,
But, in the glory of betrayal, i now bask.

I don't know what future holds.
The present is already so bold.
There are some things that go "Out of hand",
while there are also some that "you can't control".

What's done has been done,
No use ruing about the past.
Live moves on, and so have to we..
let's go ahead and

The incomplete proposal

Warning! This is a piece of awful nonsense written from a loafer's point of view in just 20 minutes. You might find yourself really irritated after reading this.
Read at your own risk!

Excuse me! Kya main aapke do minute le sakta hoon..?
Tumhe apne dil ka haal suna sakta hoon..?
Shayad tu ye jaane ya na jaane,
Saal ke pehle din se tujhe pyar karta hoon.

Isey gulaab na samjho,apna dil de raha hoon,
Guldaste ka akhiri fool tumhe de raha hoon.
Main na jaanu pyar kya hota hai..
Par itna jaanu ki tujhse pyar kar raha hoon.

Mere pyar ka gift, tu sweekar toh kar,
Ek baar!! Ek baar toh ikraar tu kar,
Pyar kya...car bhi de dunga tujhe..
Tu apne address ka bakhan toh kar!

Tere gharwalon ko bol ki main taiyyar hoon..
Tu kahey toh dikhata unhe bhi apna pyar hoon,
Tu mandir mein bol ya church mein,
Main toh bhaag kar bhi shaadi karne ko taiyyar hoon!!