Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My love...

I have loved her like anything.
The only thing left is a diamond ring.
I will easily give up my all
just to hear her sweetly sing.

I hav always found her by my side,
Loyally she has been my aide.
she supported me through my rise
& she didn't leave me during my downslide.

My parents say that i should leave her.
My friends say that i spent too much time with her.
But damm...they can't understand
That yaar...i really love her...

When I'm sad,she makes me smile
I can't help falling for her innocent style.
She is beauty with a pure heart
& i sway to her tunes all the while.

Shakira dances to her beats,
She's sexier than Tara Reid,
& i know that in our relationship
She will not ever cheat.

Ohh man...i really love her
What others think i don't care
If the world gets jealous,let it be
But i know, "For me,you'll always be there".

She is as lovely as a dove
As beautiful as the heaven above
& the best of the things is this-

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Life goes on...

I dont know what love means
I've lost myself in a world called dreams
where anything that I want can happen
but what doesn't happen is what I wish...

I wish you were here in my arms
smiling happily with your lovely charms
I can't imagine how happy I'd have been
when i'll put that necklace around your palms.

I wish you'd say that you love me
in reply, I'd ask, "Will you marry me?"
you'll try to hide your blushing smile
And I'll proudly say that 'you are the best thing that has happened to me'.

But all this is not to be
dreams don't turn into reality.
We all live in a practical world
where you are still far away from me.

So...what does that make you think?
That I'm on sadness's brink..?
Well...sorry dear.But you're wrong...
Life goes on...and I'm happily living.

Coz someone loves me more than I love you.
And that love is so pure and true
And that lover are my parents
and i love then too...

Maybe you are not meant for me.
Maybe we are not destined to be.
But I love my parents the most
and in one corner,I also truly love thee....

Friday, October 10, 2008


What you are,you don't know
To you,my head gets down to bow
i don't know why i am writing all this
& i don't know i am writing this how..??

As i write these lines,i really wish
A smile starts to show its trace..
Maybe you are already smiling (Are you..?)
With the curly locks hiding your face!

You are a really good person
in this "not so good" worldly place.
Someone whom i see as
one of the the best friends i have ever had till date..!

I know what i've written is really silly
with no rhyming and no good sense.
But i hope you get what i want to say
THAT you are my sweet "allhad" friend..!

Maybe i have written too much
& bored you with all this crap.
So,in the end,i just want to say


Just thought you would like to know
That i am still without you..
looks like i am all alone.
I can't stand to face what is true!

I know i love you all the more
& miss you more than anyone could do.
Still,i am here howling and crying
because there is no one in the world to turn to...

I miss you more day by day,
night by night my tears fall.
I don't know how to get over it.
My happiness keeps getting small and small!

When i remember the days we had,
how happy and joyful were we..!
& now there is only loneliness
that always creeps inside of me!!!

Why did you ever leave me???
Out without your precious love.
It seems you love me still
from the heaven above!

I know i am a really bad man.
I don't know how i have what all i've got.
But you always convince God to give me
all the unexpected things and a lot...

YES...!! I still love you!
YES..!! I still miss you!
But why did you ever leave me..?
Because that lonely feeling still creeps inside of me...!!!

(miss you a lot!!)

Monday, October 6, 2008


this one is about a person who is undecided to meke the final move to get success..!

*the final moment nervousness*
I don't know what this is
never felt this way before
i am just waiting for the time
when i will get to score.

There used to be a time
when i never saw this as future
i thought it to be completely senseless
to run madly after a simple creature.

I never understood this crap
what this was all about.
if someone ever discussed it to me
i very loudly used to shout!

But...then a person came
just like a divine angel.
Picking me up from nowhere
introduced me to this level.

I never realized how and when I changed
from yuck,my feelings changed to yeah!
I realized this is the one sent for me
from the heaven's den.

I loved it really very much
gave it all my days and nights.
and even now i am living this dream
because its the ebst of my life.

Now,i plan to score..
to make the final move
Then,it will be a big BOOOO...!!!

I am standing lost and confused
not knowing what to do.
Maybe if i waited too long
someone will take it away from you.

So,here I am
with chance in hand,nervousness in head.
i don't know what will happen,
what is going to be said!

so,now i am about to go
to make the final sweep
will i be smiling wide..?
or will i be left to weep..?

(after reading this poem/rhyme
even I am left wondering,
that if this is about sports??
or about trying to proposing..?)
:-) :-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

unfulfilled wishes..!

here it goes...
#wishes for your love#

Do i miss her..?? i dont know
maybe i am moving with the time flow
my heart still beats for her,that much is sure!
and i know that my feelings for her are pure!

i know we have drifted apart a bit
but still...i do miss you to the hilt
even now,we talk to each other
thats the only fact that helps me live!

you said yes to someone else
but i won't ever say a word against you
i know its only from my side
and i know that is the truth...

but,i know...i believe...i wish...
that one fine day,we will be together.
And then,people will say for us
"And they lived happily ever after"

Till then,i will wait for you
stand right here and care you through
all the smiles and obstacles of life
because,i know you are my life..!!!
love yaa...

the first rhyming lines i wrote myself

So hello people...!!!!
i know not many of you would be reading this blog ever.....
but this is a place where i am jotting down the thoughts i hav ein my mind just for my satisfaction...
so now i present the first poem i wrote in my life.It is senselessly stupid wothout any meaning...
still take a look if you wish to....

ankhon se keh de ye jo mann me aaye...
apni to duniya ye khud hi banaye...
kisi ki na parwah,na koi fikar hai
ye dil apna saala bada besabar hai...
to...kya karein......??????
hum is dil ka...
na maane,na jaane hai ye kuch bhi...
batao,kya karein.....?????
hum is dil ka.....jo soche hai baatein apne matlab ki...

Jab bhi ye chahe,ye kuch bhi kar jaaye...
ye dil to kisi ke kaabu me na aaye...
ye kuch bhi kar le,isey kya darr hai.....!!!
kahi hain nigahein...kahi pe nazar hai...
par kya karein..........????
hunm is dil kaaa...
bin jiske ye life nahi chalti...
akhir kya karein.........???
hum is dil ka...
na jaane kya hoga baari abki????
kya karein...
kya karein...
kya karein...