Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Without even looking at me, she took the chair and sat on the table next to me and buried her face in some thin book (i think it was a novel.Beautiful girls can't be geeks.) My eyes just kept gazing at her like an astronomer gazes at the stars. 30 seconds later i realized that my line of sight was perpendicular to the placement of my book and the beautiful angel had also noticed this.

After this reality check, i was looking for a way to avoid her eye. Earlier, i was staring at her. Now, she was staring at me. The only difference - her stare had an angry look while mine was that of a beauty-hypnotized person. Her eyes had met mine, i was getting nervous and my other senses were still not responding.It was an emergency situation. Suuddenly, i realized,
that all this while I had failed to notice that Rahul was oscillating his hand in front of my eyes to bring me back to my natural self. Now, his patience gave up and he hit the back of my head and said, "Padh le saale! Senior hai wo!"
My heart felt dejected.Rahul was laughing madly at me.This was the time to get embarassed. But, on the other hand, her angry stare gave way to a sweet hearty smile. Maybe she had heard the statement and realized that i was just an innocent boy captivated by her beauty. At the end, i was saved the horror of being publicly acused of stalking at her. She got back to her thin book and i tried to concentrate on mine but my mind dint let me study. The result, as i earlier told, was 7 markx out of 25 in the exam. But since that day, I came to reading room as much as possible so that i can just have a glimpse of her. I'd try to find a location where I was just 1 table away from her. I'd sit in a position such that i wont have to bend my neck to see her (after all, i am a lazy person). Her beauty did not leave my mind for the next week and was the reason behind my screwed minor exams.

As time progressed, i got to get a better look at her which drove me more and more crazy. The girl surely had an awesome dressing sense. Halter tops, spaghetti tops, jeans, skirts, slevelss,shirts - She knew how to carry it off. (Had she not been an IITian, she could have easily given Katrina Kaif a run for her money.) The frequency and locations of her getting spot increasesd too. At times, she could be seen having coffee at Nescafe with a gang of girls or surfing some website in the computer lab of Bharati Building.
Usually, I'd wake up at 7:45. But On thursdays, I'd reach the main building by 7:30 so that i can get a chance to be in the same lift as her.

But with time, i realized that she was indeed a geek. She could never be seen without a book. Wherever i saw her, she was busy either studying something or teaching someone. She used to talk, talk and talk about studies. Sometimes, i would think that she was a young professor with whom i had fallen in love. So, i almost gave up. Minor-2 has arrived and still electrodynamics was still as tough as rocket science.With full intent to study, i chose a lonely corner of reading room and started with the "laws of magnetism".

Maybe God wanted me not to study or wanted to test my non-existent willpower. i got uo to have a coffee only to find the beauty sitting next to me. She was not near, not opposite - She was sitting adjacent to me (& gossiping with a friend of hers). I forgot the coffee and sat back. When you sit next to the prettiest girl in universe, you simply cant do anything else. Somehow I could not resist myself and asked her. "Excuse me, Do you have an extra pen?. (I already had 3 pens in my bag all of which i had borrowed from someone and not returned.) "Ohkk",she replied and and took out a cello gripper from her bag. I grabbed it instantenously (and never returned it). I tried to get back to studies but she was speaking so loudly that i could not do it even if i wanted to. I said to her," Excuse me! Can you please be quiet? I'm trying to study." To which she replied in her ever sweet voice," Jab aap bol bol kar question solve kar rahe thay, tab humne aapko kuch kaha? NAHI NAA... Toh humein bhi apni baatein karne dijiye"
I was surprised and could not control my laughter. I somehow ran out of reading room and laughed my heart out there. Her cute statement had pierced my heart! After getting back to normal, i went inside, took my bag and that was the end of my studies for minor-2. The result: 4 markx out of 25. A total of 11 on 50 really hurts even if you try to ignore it (esp when the pass marks are 40/100). I motivated myself to study hard for the majors and i partially did.

It was Electrodynamics major exam next day. I finished my maths exam and straighaway moved to reading room to study. I pushed as much as i could have. But, i knew that i had not done enough to touch the magic figure of 40. My frustration increased exponentially with the progress of the night. It was 1'o clock and i sleep started to attack me . I got up to get a coffee (I had already taken 9). When i returned, i found the preety lady sitting in front of me buried in her book. I ignored her (i hated myself for this) and i got back to study. I felt a pat on my back accompanied with a question,"Hows preparation going on"? It was Ishan (the institute topper). "Electrodynamics is not meant for me. sine wave ki tarah mere sar ko jump karke nikal jaati hai. kal toh main pakka fail hoon yaar.29 toh mere kisi haal mein nahi aa sakte."
"koi baat nahi. Ho jayega yaar. Ek baar samajh le. Its quite easy",he replied. As toppers find everything easy,i could not have said anything. He consoled me and got back to his studies. My frustration was getting the better of me. At 1:30, i simply packed my bags and got up to leave.
"Itni jaldi jaa rahe ho?"
I turned back to discover that the beautiful lady has said this to me. My frustration still won against my elation.
" Jab kuch samajh me hi nahi aa raha, toh padhne ka kya khaak faayda hoga?"
"thoda bahut padh lo. Its not that difficult. Exam subah subah hai kya?"
"Nahi. 3 baje hai"
"Then toh, you can easily study till late nite."
Now, i was irritated of it. "AAP HI PADHA DO NAA..?", i shot back.
"Ummm. OK."
Maybe God was reaaly happy on me or whatever, i had heard something really helpful when i was in dire need of it. I agreed. I took out my book and gave it to her. "So what shall we start with?" "Optics maybe. thats the major part". "Ok." And hence started my best night at IIT till then. (I had better ones, but more on that, later) . She started teaching me reflection,refraction, polarization, interference, diffraction, etc. Dunno if she was brilliant at teaching or i hed been a dumb student till now. But the fact was that she taught me the whole of optics in just 3 hours and i was able to understand it too.Maybe i was hypnotized by her sweet voice or her way of explanation by using her hands and expressions. She was just brilliant. It was 5 am and even she got tired. So we decided to leave to dedicate ourselves to sleep.
"Thats the end of your course in optics, i guess?"
"Yeah.It is. Can i thank you with a coffee..?", i suggested.
We went to Nescafe and i ordered two cauppochinos for us.
"By the way,can i ask you something?"
"yeah. ask"
"why did you decide to teach me? you must be having your majors too"
"Ohh..thats nothing. You seemed too frustrated with electrodynamics and your wish to pass. I just thought of helping you. Thats it. As far as my majors are concerned, i don't hav any exam today. My only exam left is of engineering drawing and i'm done studying for it.
I really thanked god for creating such nice people. "One more question. Whats your name?"
"You don't know my name yet. Hehe! Its SAUMYA. Yours is dhawal. rite?"
"yeah. But how do you know? I din't tell you"
"It was written there on your book"
And the conversation went on for another half an hour. We told each other about ourselves. I discovered that she was not so senior to me - a student of 2nd year in 'Engineering physics'. And most importantly, she was single. (^_^) And she was really good at heart. At 5:45 we finally daparted to our respective hostels. i wished i could sleep in her lap. I moved towards our hostel. My heart was more happy than any word used to describe happiness. I could not stop smiling.The dark night was gone and beautiful sun rays were rising in the sky. Simulataneously, A new sun of romane was rising in my heart. Happily, i reached my hostel and surrendered myself to sleep so that i could get lost in Saumya's sweet dreams!

(more later. please stay tuned)

Note: I got 36/50 in majors. my total was 46 and i got a C-grade in elctrodynamics instead of just a D. My CGPA for the semster was 7.77. All is well that ends well. And she was reason for such a good end.

Monday, March 8, 2010

GIRLS AT IIT - Part:3 The Unsung Heroes

Hence ends the first year of IIT. The nerds are left with all kinds of experiences. Some have a really happy life with their Miss fortune while some are left with a CGPA that's definitely not worth boasting about. Some are left dejected after all their attempts go in vain while some are left with humiliating nicknames that stick on with them for the rest of their degree. While there are some nice experiences to share, most of the horrifying ones are dropped in the closet. 40% of both guys and girls in the campus are committed. There are the rest 60% for the taking. This process in turn gives a wondeful example of love, lust, frustration, strategy and long term investments. Of the remaining 60% of guys about two-third of them manage to find their love/crush/infatuation somewhere in the remaining 3 years which gives them the feeling that they have nothing left which can make the college life more rocking. The remaining 20% head into various directions- Some become frustrated lots with nothing to do, some just spend their whole time watching stuff on their laptop. Some who turn away from the world and think that everything is "moh-maaya".

BUT, the strategies that people develop to develop relationships are really commendable. But, more interesting are the ones who remain single. There are some who end up getting frustrated for all 4 years of their degree because they have been unsuccessful in all their attempts to hook up with batch-mates, seniors and even juniors. While there are others who leave hope after first attempt only and think of everything as “moh-maya”. There is also a small group which moves towards spiritualism and a similar number dedicates itself completely to the hard-rock metal bands and, like depressed souls, they keep screaming sad songs in a voice that is as hoarse as it gets. There are also lots of people who move around like free birds and take fun in doing all the senseless things of the world while there are some who become enslaved to the opposite sex. There are also some (of both sexes) who start showing traits of ‘Homosexuality'. Amidst all this, one can notice a handful of guys and gals who hardly make public appearances and are mostly seen roaming around the campus to contribute to the non-existent nightlife.

The second and third year sees commitment of 40% of the females present- 20% in each year. The peer pressure helps and everyone gets an inspiration to have a spouse. The mushy-mushy feelings start seeding up, ‘kuch-kuch hota hai’ and people start dreaming about a ‘happily ever-after’. The romantic songs start striking a chord in the heart and ‘Love is in the air’. Hence, the friends start realizing that they are more than ‘just friends’, the ‘just friends’ become ‘close friends’ which further develops into something more substantial in the following years. The density of the ‘premi-joda’ increases with the number of semesters and everyone finds something to stay smiling about. The unlucky guys, too, find luck somewhere else and settle down with their love. Thus, by the time the third year ends, 80% of the population have that someone special in their lives. The remaining 20% are just too careless or too unlucky to not be in the same crowd. But there is one bottom line that holds true- “EVERYONE, BE IT ANY BOY OR GIRL, DREAMS TO HAVE THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL IN LIFE.” (atleast once a semester). If you don’t believe me, try asking any IITian to give an honest answer on that one.

The fourth year is amongst the least happening in terms of hook-ups. Only a few get hitched, most of their partner being juniors with whom they had an interaction because they attended a ‘fakka’ course with them. The real happenings show up on the darker side. Everyone starts to concentrate on career, internships, jobs, CAT,etc. Suddenly, the value of money is understood and the feel to win the rat-race takes over. Love takes a backseat and thats the time when some of the couples break up. Some have distances creeping up while some find it really hard to manage the long-distance relationships now. Some start fighting too much while some just find that there is no X-factor left in the relationship to keep them motivated. To the parents’ surprise, the phone bills start coming down and their child starts to show some real maturity. Only the deep-in-love and strong couples manage to stand through the storm of career tensions. Some even go to the extent of sacrificing a well-paying job because they want a job where they are as near to their partner as possible while the daring ones decide to study together for two more years doing MBA from some IIM. Hence, after the season of break-ups in fourth year, only 50% of the population of a batch is still committed which also depreciates linearly as months progress.

In all this hullaboo, the females are the surely the ones living on the greener side of the grass. They have the option of choice, accept, reject, cancel, avoid, praise, abuse and what not! They always have a good number of idiots at their command for any help. They don’t have the tension to achieve expertise in umpteen number of computer games. They have the peer pressure to study because the other girl has finished the whole course. And, even then, they may never be the toppers but definitely have a much better average grade than their male counterparts.

But, in the duration of four years that are spent at IIT, the people that are never taken seriously are the guys. Thought to be in abandon, they are easily available and taken granted for. Thought to be the most intelligent bastards, they are hardly considered seriously. But, once people pass out, the guys are the ones whom they miss the most. Its only the guys with whom you spent 80% of the time in the campus. Its generally the guys whom you call your best-friend. Its only the guys whom you can blame for anything. Its only the guys on whom you can throw the filthiest of abuses and get the same in return and still remain the best of friends. Its only the guys with whom you can truly be what you are without caring about what the guy will think. Its only a guy whom you can disturb in the middle of night for even the stupidest of reasons and still get genuine help in return. Its only a guy with whom you share your deepest of secrets- even those where you acted like an asshole and still laugh about it. Its only the guys whom you miss the most after your degree. Its only the guys with whom you can have the weirdest of competitions like gaming, finishing seasons of serials, abuses, stupidity, etc. Its only the guys in front of whom you won’t ever feel hesitation. Its only the guys with whom you can fight your level best. Its only the guys who can’t object to any of your statement but instead give a better one in return. Its only a guy who does not mind even if he is made fun of. Its only a guy whom you can give bumps and kicks with your full strength. Its only a guy who lets you know your bad traits by funnily discussing it. Its only the guys who stays with you forever knowing what you truly are...

The guys- are indeed the silent contributors. They are present everywhere in the campus but are not taken seriously just like the air around us. Air is present everywhere but we don’t realize its importance till we feel lack of it. Just try imagining your campus life without all the guys for a minute. Were you able to imagine it...? This is to acknowledge all the guys’ silent contribution to our lives. How they make our time memorable and bearable...

HAIL - TO - ALL - THE - GUYS..!!!

We are great! Its just that we are too modest and busy to glorify or praise our contributions!!

************* T H E – E N D**************

P.S: This article is dedicated to the only friend of mine who does not have any girl in his friend list. Dude! You rock!

Note: This article in not meant to make any derogatory inference to anyone and has been written as a single person’s perception by a personally conducted research on a lot of IITians - both male and female. However, any offence or hurt of sentiments is not regretted. All the coincidences with reality are true and intentional.