Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Abhi baaki hai..!!

Dil ke tukde hazaar hue,
par 1001 abi baaki hai.
Dil toh humara toot gaya,
par dil mein dhadkan...abhi baaki hai!

Aankhon se ashq nikle toh kya,
aansuon ka sagar abhi baaki hai.
Humari khushi toh dard mein badal gayi,
par muskurahat abhi bhi baaki hai! :-)

Wo rooth kar chaley gaye toh kya?
unhe manana abhi baaki hai.
Mohabbat rooth gayi humse toh kya?
mohabbat ko samjhana abhi baaki hai!

Nafrat ki hadd toh humne dekh li,
chaahat ki hadd dikhana abhi baaki hai.
Dil toh humne de kar dekh lia,
lekin dil lena kisi ka abhi baaki hai!

Ishq ka sooraj toh chhup gaya,
"Naya Savera"... abhi baaki hai.
Tere dard se ye dil pathar ho gaya,
pathar pe gulaab ugaane ki aas...abhi baaki hai..!!!!

( Aakhir dil toh baccha hai ji....!) (*_*)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to solve multiple choice questions in IIT-JEE?

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!
“IIT-JEE” – the toughest exam in the world at 18 years of age. Well, lets leave all that blah blah. If you are actually reading this article, then i guess you don’t need to be told anything about it. You already know the numbers – 5 lakh applicants, 2% success rate and all that. Now, in case you have really been studying your ass off for IIT, kudos to you and your courage. Now, let’s get to the point.
I am no stud in the field of engineering studies. I was one of those types who never studied anything seriously. I never followed any textbook (H.C.Verma, loni, M.L.Khanna and all), bunked 70% of my classes and made every possible effort to get to enjoy my life in my +2.  I am the so-called lucky guy who just managed to scrape through into an IIT. Hence, i am no expert to advise people on giving tips to study. But still, if i managed to get through, that means i struck gold somewhere else. That’s what I am discussing here.
For the fact, all the engineering exams in India are objective. Now there are two ways to crack it – either know the concept or know all the wrong answers. In the exam, nobody cares how you circled the bubble. The administrators don’t care if you knew the concept or cheated or circled it blindly or made a fluke. What matters is only the circling of the correct bubble, no matter how you do it. And SENSIBLE GUESSING DOES HELP A LOT IN GAINING THOSE MARKS.
After all, negative marking is just meant to discourage blind guessing only, nothing else. But if you are able to guess sensibly, you will never receive loss due to it. Imagine this yourself - all the exams have 4 options to each questions and, believe it or not, all the answers are equally distributed among all the four options i.e. a, b, c, and d (this is true for all exams- be it your phase test, test series, AIEEE or even IIT-JEE). Now even in the worst case scenario (marking scheme: plus 3,minus 1), if you mark all your blind guesses as, say option-“a”, even then the net difference in your marks will be ZERO.
Surprised!!?? Suppose you made guesses in “x”-number of questions and marked them all as option-“c”. Going by the law of probability, 75% of your guesses will be wrong and 25% will be right. Lets calculate your total by that:
[(X/4) x (+3)] – [(3X/4) x (-1)] =zero. Hence there will be zero addition to your score in the worst case which is true because the administrators never want anyone to lose out because of probability. So they equally distribute the options among all the answers. Now suppose the marking scheme is plus 4, minus 1, as in many exams like DCE, you can actually GAIN 1 MARK for ever four guessed answers by you. Ain’t that free marks??!! :-P
Here are some of the tricks-
1)  Highest and lowest: In a question where numerical values are the answers, the highest and value will never be the correct answers. Weird as it may seem, but it is true for atleast 60% of the cases. So, if you don’t know the way to solve question, try staying away from the extreme values of answers. It might just help you.
2) Two or zero: Whenever in doubt between two of the options, try gambling on one of them. When you have managed to cross out two options, try going for one from the remaining two options. It works.
3) No negatives: For those questions which don’t carry any negative marking (eg: match the following, multiple answers questions which appear ever year in IIT-JEE), go for them even if you don’t even know an inch of the concept. DO NOT EVER LEAVE THEM UNATTEMPTED. If the thing has no discouragements, then why should we be a fool to leave free gambles?
4) Same and different: This applies for those questions which have options in which they play in units and values. Eg: suppose the options for a heat and thermodynamics question are:
(a) 120 K ; (b) 130 C ; (c) 120 C (d) 110 C
Now, since 3 of the options are given in degree Celsius, therefore answer will definitely be in degree Celsius. Now since the value 120 is given in both celsuis and Kelvin, therefore 120 is the numerical answer. Hence, going by the above two logics, the answer will be option-(c) 120 C. Trust me or not, it works in 80% of the cases!
5) Mathematical extremes: Everytime, we do find questions in maths which ask us to either find the range or domain of a function, and the options are generally given as:
(a) [0,1) U (2,3) ; (b) (0,1) U (2,3] ; (c) [0,1] U [2,3] ; (d) (0,1) U (2,3)
As you must have already understood, simply try to test the function on the extreme values i.e.0,1,2,3. You don’t need to solve the whole dam function. Simply see if these 4 values satisfy the function and you will be able to get to the answer.
6) Dimensions: This is one field where the administrators show their complete ignorance. Such types of questions have very stupid options that you feel like laughing on them. Suppose you have a question to find the velocity of an object in an electromagnetic field in some weird orientation with field values as E and B. The options will be something like
(a) (2E/B)1/2 ; (b) (2B/E) ; (c)  (2E/B) ; (d) (2B/E)1/2
Now, by simply analysing the dimensions you can tell the answer. Electric field has dimensions (M1L1T-3A-1) and magnetic field has dimensions (M1L0T-2A-1). Simply, you can see that E/B will give you (L1T-1) which is dimension of velocity whereas square-root of (E/B) will give root of velocity. Hence, the answer will obviously be option-(c). The “2E” will take care of itself. Dimensional analysis really helps. It helps at a lot of places.
7) Value putting: This applies for questions where we have to find the general expression for something. Suppose you have to find the expression for pressure on a bubble of radius-R when it is at a height h from the ground level in the container which has water upto a height L. (i am just taking a general and easy example, not an exact one.) So, let the options be
(a) P + [pg(L-h)/LR] ; (b) P + [pgLR/(L-h)] ; (c) P + [pgR(L-h)/L] ; (d) P + [pg(L-h)(L-R)/L)
Now, if you would have noticed, you can simply leave out option-(a) by simply checking its dimensions. The dimensions of second term are not that of pressure but of pressure per unit area. Even if you ignore that, we know that pressure at the surface of water must be P and must be (P + pgL) at the base of container. So we have two cases:
At,h=0; pressure=(P + pgL)  and  at,h=L; pressure=P. On putting these two values of “h” in these options, we can clearly see that option-(d) is the correct answer.
(More in next part. Stay tuned)
In case you want to test all these things, take up an MCQ set of a topic which you have not studied and try all these logincs on those questions and see the score that you get. I indirectly practiced these things and they really helped me. I got 30 extra marks in IIT-JEE by the same approach!!
Well, now i am a bit tired by writing and need some sleep too. So I am stopping here. The next part will be out in 4-5 days. In case you liked the post, please comment and give your feedback. In case you want any advice, you can contact me at my email id on my blog profile. Remember, the exam tries to test our knowledge and understanding, but sometimes it just forgets to maintain the logic in the options. (^_^) (*_*)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The article you are looking at may not be safe to read!
...Although, since you're already here it's kind of too late for this warning to actually be useful!
If a friend or your girlfriend sees this article, claim that it was spam and blame the advertising guys. Otherwise, continue to read it until your curiosities and fantasies are satisfied.

First of all i’d like to clarify that i’m not a stud/love-guru/girl-expert, nor am i trying to act like one by writing this article. It's just that a friend of mine really inspired me to write about all this stuff. So, miss HEGHSAINN (her name's anagram), This one is dedicated to you..!

So, we all see girls everywhere...i mean,they ARE everywhere indeed. Now,when most of the guys see a hot,lovely,charming,sexy human being that's genetically female, more than half of them lose their senses and get lost somewhere thinking about a date with her. As soon as they come back to reality i.e when the other guy slaps you at the back of your head, they realize that the date they fantasized about has long gone. Obviously, the slap on the head silently breaks their heart and they try to mend it by again waiting for the sight of a similar creature and this cycle continues.

Well...having one's heart broken so many times is definitely not good for even the biggest of jerks. Obviously, It hurts! So,I (alongwith some others who were as nonsense as me) thought of some ways to divert our minds from this heart-breaking ogling at girls. Moreover,as we discovered later, not every girl's beauty is worth the attention that guys tend to give her. Many of them make brilliant use of makeup and other tricks to deceive us. (Girls love to get our attention,don't they!) Sans the makeup,they morph into a less like-able creature. But eventually,we found out some ways to detect the fake. (After all,my IIT degree implies that i am intelligent with respect to the normal world.) So,here i present to you some basic facts that may help you ogle only at really beautiful girls and thus conserve your attention. Here we go...

  • MAKEUP: The most basic tool that girls in every nook and corner of the world have used in every age. Now how to spot makeup? Well...there are different extents to which girls apply makeup. Some apply just to give finishing touches which looks really nice while some apply an inch-thick layer to hide away their pimples, dark skin,spots,etc (C'mon, be natural!) So, first of all, to notice the makeup,look if the face of the girl is shining or not. For the fact, a natural face never shines. It glows. Only the makeup can make the face shine because it reflects the light falling on the face. (science is everywhere,you see.) A natural face,on the other hand, looks so soft (and a bit rough) that it automatically grabs your attention. Try observing this next time and you will see the difference. Now, the detection of the extent of makeup is an easier task. To observe this,simply focus at the region where the neck meets the clavicle or where the chin meets the neck. Even if a girl has applied tons of makeup, she always tends to ignore these regions thinking that "Face is the index of the mind". So, if you will observe closely, you will automatically see different shades of skin tone while comparing it with the shade of the face. In fact, you might be able to see a boundary at the neck separating the two shades clearly. And, IT-IS-CLEARLY-VISIBLE... Girls always ignore the region below the face and even guys do. But a simple observation will tell you about her tampered beauty and may even save you the money for an extra movie ticket. Plus, if you once see a truly natural beauty, you won't even need these hints. Uski baat hi kuch aur hoti hai!

Also,there are some other basic facts. Maybe most of us know it. for example: If a girl has applied mascara over her eyes, it's a clear indication of heavy makeup. Obviously, mascara can't be applied over bare skin. Skin needs to be furnished properly to apply mascara. And the eyelashes... Rarely do people have flowing eyelashes (maintaining them is a near impossible task). So, 99% of the times, the long eyelashes are fake and the rest is obvious- Girls never apply partial makeup. It follows the "All or None" law. Also we can always notice the lipstick & all... Lips are never red. They are light red and they don't sparkle as they do with a lip-gloss. (GIRLS... In fact, an extremely shiny lipgloss makes you look ugly and fake!)

(more in next part about botox, hair extensions,silicone implants,contact lenses,etc.... stay tuned)

HOT TIP: To notice a girl, always look at the edge of her sleeves. Girls are most careless about her sleeve because one does not get to view it in the mirror. Check if her sleeve is dirty/folded/neat/loose/torn/etc. Hence, a closer look at these areas reveals a lot of truth about the girl than other areas do. On the other hand, look at the feet and edge of trousers of guys to notice the same thing. They are most careless about these areas. :P :P :P :P :P 

Note: The above article can be considered as a total crap and in no way shall be taken as a measure of the author's brilliance/stupidity.. Reader's discretion is totally advised. However, the facts presented above have been written after a well and thorough observational research and are true in more than 90% of the cases. Enjoy! (all the puns are real and intentional.)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Happiness - a word that means different things to different people. It may be scoring good marks in exam, hitching a business deal, getting the girl/boy of your dreams, seeing someone happy, achieving high stature in society, getting rich, and much more. To some, happiness may simply be ability to make both ends meet. To others, it may be to become the ruler of the world. All of us relate happiness with some aim in life. Howsoever small or magnanimous the aim may be, we always think that we will be happy once we achieve it. After that our life will be full of content and peace.
But, once we achieve it, we again make a new and greater aim for ourselves and start working towards it thinking that THIS may finally make us happy. A student wants to get more marks in exam. He’d wish to top the class, then the school, then the area, then the state and so on. Similarly, a businessman would want to increase his profits, expand his business, start new venture, etc. The society describes this as the result of human greed. But think again. Is it really greed?
Imagine if everyone was satisfied with their first aim. Newton would have given only one rule of motion. Mathematics would have been limited to Pythagoras theorem. There would have been only one company in every field of economy. You would still be living in the ancient stone age. The blog that you are reading right now would not have existed. Most importantly, wouldn’t life have been dull?
Imagine, If you got satisfied after passing XII class and settled for a clerk’s job. How do you think your life would be? The progress that we witness today is all a result of making new aims one after the other. I am not writing all this to support human greed. But, calling human’s hunger as greed may not be appropriate. I am a student at an IIT. The thing that people run after in student life is marks and the same is true at my institute too. I have a decent score as of now for which i would have happily settled for 2 years ago. But now i wish to get more. Wondering why?
Because, as soon as i achieved my aim, a certain hollow feeling started creeping inside me. Life became dull and boring. Now, i want to achieve more marks because the joy that you get on achievement of your aim beats all the other joys of the world. The moment to feel proud of one’s own work feels different altogether. That one moment of success is the moment of happiness. Once it is over, life would again become dull no matter whoever you may be. Hence, i wish to achieve more marks and relive that moment once again. Now, if you wish to term this as my greed, you freely can. But atleast, i am not inhibiting my ambitions. 10-20 years down the road, i would not have any regret that i may have achieved a certain thing but i just let it go out of my hand. Because i have realized that life without an aim is boring, dull, tasteless and monotonous.
Even the philosophers said “An aimless life is a miserable life.” So, why limit our aims to one, two or three? We all wish to be happy in our life for as long as we can and there is no wrong in thinking this way. Isn’t it? If we had no aims, what would we do living monotonously for years? Even fresh water turns stagnant if it stays still. Life is not about the moments you take breath; it is about the moments that take your breath away! So, try to make your life full of such moments. As long as you are not doing wrong to someone, there is not even a bit of greed in aspiring to achieve more and more.
That’s how you we progressed to this day. That’s how we were able to use the internet, watch tv for entertainment, connect to our loved ones in seconds, invent new things. It was all because there was someone who was not satisfied on his achievements. He aimed for more and achieved it. So, make new aims everyday and work to achieve them. As soon as you achieve them, make new ones. Maximize the joy of achievements in your life. It feels great to receive a kiss from the girl you love, to strike a deal you have been working on for months, to see you name at the top of the list, to see yourself satisfying your own dreams. Time, nature, progress – all keep moving ahead. Nothing ever stops. Why shall we? Aspire, aim, achieve and aspire again! This time for more! LIFE...means MORE!
P.S: Even Shah Rukh Khan says in an ad,"Don't be santusht..thoda aur wish karo!" (^_^)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


(Based on a true story)
16th May, 2010

Beta, uth jaa... abhi saamaan bhi pack karna hai.
“uuuuunnnnnnnnn...... Sone do na papaaa. Abhi toh soya hoon.”
DHAWAL... 8 baj gaye hain... aur kitna soyega?? Saara din sota rehta hai..saari raat sota rehta hai..!!
With that he went and switched off the main power supply of my room. Now, howsoever lazy or sleepy you may be, you can’t sleep without atleast a fan in peak summer. And, in order to switch on the fan, i’d have to go all the way to the ground floor and switch it on. So, after 5 minutes of lazing around on the bed, i got drenched in sweat. Ultimately, i had to wake up. This is one of many irritating ways conceived by my dad to wake me up. In winters, he takes away my blanket and leaves my without any cover from cold and consequently, i have to wake up. With just 3 hours of sleep, i moved towards the washroom with red eyes.
Dhawal.. tu saara din sota rehta hai. Fir bhi teri aankh laal kyu rehti hai..??
“Mujhe kya pata?”
What i obviously did not tell him was that i used to be on the phone with my girlfriend all night. Today was no different and i had been talking to her till 7am – so late because maybe it was the last time we were talking over local network. From now on, it will be costly STD calls, the meetings would become fewer and far between and there will be distances. I’d have to wait for months to even see her face. I had got selected at S.C.R.A (Special Class Railway Apprentice), which acording to my dad, is the next best thing in Indian government after an I.A.S officer. To all those who don’t know about S.C.R.A, click here. I was amongst the lucky 38 out of 1.25 lakh applicants who were called to join the prestigious IRMEE by the U.P.S.C. Only God knew how i had managed to pass in the written exam, and then the interview, and then even the medical exam! (Mind you, 6 people even failed the medical exam out of 44 and I am skinny, unhealthy and fragile by every standard.) Even my dad (my harshest critic) was marvelled that how i had managed to clear all these stages without even preparing for them for even a minute. Even i found the fluke too hard to digest.
But, here i was, all through. Now i will soon get paid for studying- that too Rs.18,000 per month. And after my engineering degree will get over at IRMEE, i’d be luxurioulsy placed as an Asst. Engineer in Indian Railways earning a handsome 40,000 per month (plus the govt perks and allowances and there in no limit to ‘upar ki income’.) My days of toiling and slogging at IIT were over. My friends had even given me the most awesome farewell treat and i sill feel indebted to them. Today i was leaving for the IRMEE campus at Jamalpur, Bihar by the afternoon train. All set for an awesome life, wasn’t i..??
Back to reality, i refreshed myself and started searching for anything that i had forgetten to pack.It had been fun shopping for all the things. Nothing feels better than to roam around in the streets of Delhi. You realize the amount of variety God has created in the world. The week-long shopping extravaganza in connaught place had been an awesome experience after 4 months of sulking around at IIT-Ropar. I had to leave for the station by noon so as to reach in time. By 10am, everything was packed and well in place.
These are the times when all the weird things start coming into your mind. And one such thought struck me too that was enough to change my life. ENGINEERING – i had been studying engineering at an IIT for the past 2 years. But, Had i learnt anything? Was i interested in it? Did i have any sort of passion for it? Did i want to be engineer? Was i enjoying what i was doing and was about to do? Was i excited? Did I even want it in the first place? Strangely, the answer to all the these questions was the same - a mono-syllable word “NO”. I had got good grades in many subjects even at IIT but did i ever understand them? “NO.” And yet,the place i was about to go to, required me to continue this and bluff myself. Was i doing the right thing? "NO".
Was it a momentary move or my rush of blood, i still do not know. I went up to my dad and said ," Papa, can i talk to you?"
"Haan beta, bolo.."
"Dad, i am not going to S.C.R.A. In fact, i don't want to go to S.C.R.A."
"What do you mean???", said my dad with a puzzled face.
"I am not interested to go to S.C.R.A. I am staying here only."
"WHAT??? Are you all right??" My dad was still to come to terms with what i was saying.
"Yes Dad. I am all right. I am saying this because this is what my heart wants"
"why is your heart is saying bullshit all of a sudden? Dhawal, you just don't know anything. Why the hell are you saying all this?"
"DAD, I AM SAYING WHAT I KNOW IS RIGHT TO MAKE ME HAPPY. I - WILL -NOT- GO." This time, my voice was loud. And i hated myself for talkin so loudly.
"WHAT IS THIS? if this is what you wanted then why the hell did you give the exam? Why did you decide to leave IIT in the first place? Why did you go on a shopping spree for S.C.R.A? Why did you not leave it long time back? Why did you do all this drama in the first place?" There were a lot more ''why's'' thrown at me.
"Dad, i did all this because i thought money was all one wants. I thought happiness increased with your stature. I thought great things makes us happy. But NO. Happiness makes great things. I have been an idiot all my life. i took science because i thought taking up anything else was a shame after 94% marks. I took engineering beacuse it was more popular. I joined IIT because i thought the best institute was the best thing to do. But today, i realize i never did anything on my own. I just followed what the world thought was right and i thought that was right. I thought SCRA gave me good money and that would make me happy. But dad...i'm not interested in engineering anymore. i never was. The money may keep me smiling all my life, but i don't think i will be happy. I don't wanna waste the next 4 years doing what i don't like. I don't want to continue wronging my life just because i did this in the past. Dad, please. For the first time in my life, i am conscioulsy deciding something for my happiness. PLEASE."
I don't know how it affacted my dad but he just smiled and said, "Anything for you son! Anything for your happiness. I want my son to be happy. Nothing else matters." And he hugged me. Tears flowed from my eyes. That was the best moment of my life. I just closed my eyes. I don't know for how much time i hugged my dad but when i opened my eyes, my heart was happy and so was my dad. I happily unpacked my bags and 1 hour later, we were having lunch and enjoying. Was i happy?? YEAH SURE, I WAS!!
As the noon passed, i decided to timepass by watching T.V. What i saw left me open-mouthed. There had been a stampede at New Delhi railway station. Numerous people had been injured. Few had died too. The platforms of two bihar-going trains were exchanged at the last moment which lead to the stampede. I....was supoosed to board the Vikramshila express - one of those two trains. i din't know what to do first - to thank god for keeping me away from it or to feel sad for all those who were there. (to read more, click here)
Today, when i look back at that day, i still feel weird. I do thank God to give me those thoughts at that moment. Maybe, i will not earn so much in my life but i am content. My dad tries to convince me to try for I.A.S because that's the only thing better than S.C.R.A. But,right now, i don't care about it. I have my brilliant friends still with me who have even made my engineering life quite enjoyable though I had to give all of them a return treat. But thats not worth caring about. The studies may suck but i have a nice company. I am still at IIT. I am not courageous enough to leave IIT for the hate of engineering. Security is still a dominant option in india. But, i am now left with just 2 years of engineeirng rather than the 4 years i'd have had to spend at SCRA. Today, i am happy and smiling, both at the same time! I realized why people always say to follow your heart. It may seem a bit harsh but it definitely keeps you happy.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


In our lives, we do a lot of things everyday that are necessary to keep our body functioning properly. We eat food to get nutrition, do exercise to reduce the calories, go to loo everyday to excrete the extra and a lot of other chores. One of these is bathing. Surprised as you may be, but it does constitute an interesting phase our daily lives. For a regular human being, the process of bathing is amongst the first things that happen in the day. Even the laziest of normal fellows manages to put water on his body by the noon.
BUT, there is also a certain part of the population, esp in India, who are quite averse to the normal trend. This population resides in the hostels and P.Gs of India. These people are generally criticized by the society for not bathing daily
. Sometimes, they are even ridiculed for the same which can be very humiliating at times. I have myself known a lot of references who were even refused food at home by the family because they weren't bathing regularly.Almost, all the people know this fact but very few actually go in-depth to analyse the reason for it. It is not for nothing that it becomes regular for people to avoid bathing for upto a week. (I have a reference who, once, did not bath for 28 days continuously.) Here, I am trying to present to you the various logical reasons that lead to people developing such trends and tried to present a view of the situtaion from first-person's perspective in order to provide a better view to the world. Hopefully, this will open the eyes of people who live in the comforts of home and not hostels.
'Bathing' , in hostels, is a very sacred rite that is preformed daily only by the dedicated and chosen ones. After a well-performed research on a lot of hosteliers, including myself, it was found that bathing may seem a simple process but it actually involves a lot of difficult and hectic steps. Some of these procedures are:
+- Pouring the water into the bucket from the tap.
+- Searching for soap, shampoo, towel, clean clothes, etc that are necessary for a good bath.
+- Finding the immersion-rod in the hostel.(This applies for winters.)
+- Carrying the heavy bucket of water (it weighs atleast 20kg!) into the room and putting the immersion -rod into it.
+- Agonizingly waiting for atleast 20-30 minutes for the water to get hot/warm as per your requirement.
+- Carrying the heavy bucket of HOT water back into the bathroom. (one has to be careful that the hot water does not get spilled or burn your body.)
+- Mixing the right proportions of hot and cold water.
+- Pouring the water over your body mug by mug. (It consumes as much calories as push-ups!)
+- Finally, washing your clothes once you are done with the bath.

As we observed above,the above process is really tedious and involves a large number of steps that should happen in tandem with each other. Now that you have known the difficult procedures involved in bathing, LET ME TELL YOU, there are a lot of other things that can go wrong. The scope of such things is really vast and these can make the process more and more irritating. Some of these hinderances are mentioned here:
+- There may be no water left in the water-tank. (This really crushes your confidence before it has even sprouted.)
+- The job of finding an immersion-rod in the hostel is as difficult as finding the holy grail. (This is because there are a lot of other people in the hostel who have also decided to take bath. Hence, almost every immersion-rod in the hostel is already taken before you even know.)
+- Kiss a girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. Wait for water to get hot for a minute and it seems like an hour!! One realizes the real concept of relativity as he/she agonizingly waits for the water to get hot.
+- In case luck is not on your side, your precious hot water may get stolen while you just thought of chatting with the person in the other room.You may be left staring at just an empty bucket! Moreover, your dear friend may emotionally blackmail you to give the hot water to him, so that he can bath first. (All this really takes a toll on your tolerance power. Trust me. It happened to me thrice on the trot and i was left devastated!!)
+- While you are happily carrying the hot water bucket towards the bathroom, you will find that the bathroom is already occupied just before you were to occupy it. Now, by the time the other person comes out, your hot boiling water may cool down and you will be left to undergo the pre-requisites of bathing all over again!! The only solace can be found in hurling countless abuses at the person who was inside the bathroom just before you.

These are only some of the procedures and the difficulties involved that i've tried to highlight here. There are a lot of other things that go unnoticed even by the victims. Add to that, one has to bear this procedure everyday if one intends to bath daily. plus, there is constant pressure of studies, exams, assignments, etc that add to the workload on the poor student. Hence, it is no wonder that people in hostel bath so less. So, next time when a person tells you that he does not manage to bath everyday because he lives in hostel, please try to understand his/her scenario. Don't show your superiority as daily bathers and try to humiliate him. If not anything else, you can atleast pat their back for helping to conserve water. Atleast, they are somehow doing their bit to help the environment.What are you doing???

P.S: I study at an IIT and I have managed to bath everyday for the last 3 semesters (I'm not joking at all). Trust me, only i know how many hardships i had to face to perform the sacred rite of bathing. Please don't mock people if they choose not to bath and save water.

(In case u liked the post, please comment on the post. By not doing so, you are not giving the due acknowledgment to the author.) (*_*) (^_^)

Monday, May 10, 2010


It was the winter of 2009. My semester had got over. The beautiful girl aka saumya had helped me excel in electrodynamics which had a track record of only 60% success rate. But that was the last i had seen of her. After the exam , I got busy with post-major masti and dint even get a glimpse of her. In the 1 month winter break, I had come from the feeling of excitement to that of disappointment. All my dreams of extending my interaction with her were very bleak. (
It is impossible that an IITian girl remembers you just after one meeting,provided you have not eve-teased her.)

Then came Jan 2nd - the start of my 2nd semester.It all started normally just like any semester. All the students of our batch were given unsatisfactory grade in their introduction course and had to repeat it again this semester (which proved out to be a very boring and sleepy thing). But, more was in store. There were 6 heavy courses 'thopofied' on us. The result- no one from the batch got even a 9- pointer. But the fun never stops, and it never did.

We were caught jumping the JNU gate of IIT at 3am by the police patrol at new year's eve. While 4 of us still managed to run away from them, 2 of us got caught. But, we got the feeling of perfect chase sequences. Finally we reached the hostel legally through the main gate at 5am. I
t all came out well that nothing untoward happened.

"Uth ja mc! 5 minute mein lab hai", Kaustubh shouted at me.
"oh! bc!" It was 8:00. I jumped out of my bed. Kaustubh left for the lab running as if his life depended on it. I searched for my shoes but they were not to be found. I just settled for my flotters and ran, not caring for the breakfast. (
The mess slimmer program of IIT shows on all those 70-80 kg studs.I am already so thin that breakfast or no breakfast - it does not show on me! ) I ran faster than i had done 2 days ago. It was 8:10 and i was late enough to be given a 10 minute lecture on punctuality by the prof. To further delay my arrival, there was a queue of about 15 people at the lift. In the past semester,i had learnt a trick to dodge the lift queue. I ran to the 1st floor and entered the lift as it was coming down towards ground floor. Climbing one floor was definately a better option than climbing seven floors. Happily, i boarded the lift at the 1st floor. As the door opened at the ground floor, Saumya's face greeted me. She was with some friend of hers. My eyes refused to move away from her. She was still as captivating as she was 6 months ago when i had first seen her. As she enetered, she signalled a "hi" towards me accompanied by her amazing smile. I showed her my lab coat and pointed towards my wrist. She giggled and left for her class at fourth floor.

Her face had made my day. Now I was ready for any missile of lectures that the prof was gonna throw at me. I felt like the Sunny Deol of 'Gadar' who was ready to even uproot the handpump if necessary. But, most importantly "SHE REMEMBERED ME".
Yes!!!! A girl at I-I-T remembered a boy whom she had known just once!!!
I got out of the lift. It was 8:20 as i enetered the lab. Maybe, my luck was too great or God was too meherbaan, the prof had not arrived yet. Once again, she had proved lucky for me. All the memories of the final night of previous semester came back flashing to my mind. Later that day, or night i should say, i was back to the place where it all had started from - Reading Room. I had risked the super cold night to get a chance of conversation with her. But, the day was not so lucky. She did not come! Maybe, she had not started studying yet. After all it was just the first day of the semester!

With full faith in all the love gods and goddesses of the world, i braved the chill continuously for the next two weeks to go to reading room- only to return more disappointed each day. Finally the chill got too much
and i decided to study in the comforts of the fully air-conditioned library. I opened my R.K.Jain to study a bit of the complex numbers which Aparna mam had taught so sleepishly. As i enetered the farthest corner of the library, i saw Saumya buried in a 2000-page book along with her some less-beautiful friends (they were still way better than the normal lot at IIT's). She was wraped a green shawl which made her look so cute that i just have no words to describe it. Her curly hair, which were falling over her face, equally complemented her sensuousness. I took a seat from where I could watch her without any hinderance. 'It was not advisable to disturb a pretty girl while she was immersed in serious studies.'

This went on for about 2 more months. With gradual progress, I managed the courage to disturb her in studies, to make fun of her, sometimes even tease her with weird nicknames. Sometimes we will even dine out for a coffee at late night hours. I also got to know her friends. Sudha was the most charming, most talkitive and most irritating too. Namrata was average but simple and sweet. I really despised Khushbu who was always hell bent on showing me down. Only Vasudha was mature enough to be sensible. At IIT, Knowing a female senior really helps. They are the only ones who can give you tips to study sincerely. Plus, they can even teach you if request them. Moreover, you can always say that you have some contacts at himadri. But nothing in life is for free. All this happiness came at the cost of my poor performances in MAL-120. Complex numbers were so complex that i rarely got the hint of them. By the time minor-2 got over, i was sulking at a meagre total of 16/50 in Maths. The inter-hostel sms chat had taken a toll on my sleep as well. I had never dozed off in class in my entire life. But now, it was normal for me to sleep in atleast one lecture everyday.

After such a screwing, my silent conscience awoke again and i decided to study a lot. But god tested me again. As i left to Ex-hall (NOT reading room) to study, my cell beeped and displayed '1 message received'. As i pressed the view button, it read - "Wanna c fast n furious-4 @ priya?" I had planned to study i decided to waste no time. So, i replied "sure! wats d timin of d shw?" and i ran back to my hostel to get dressed to the occassion. The movie turned out to be an awesome experience and she turned out ot be more awe-inspiring. She looked ravishing in her black patiala. Maybe, my maths was getting screwed because of her but still i was enjoying the experience. And once I had got the hint, i dint even think of stopping. There were just two weeks left for my majors but still i managed to get her nod for two movies. Just me and her! Though both the movies were horrible, we still managed to sit through 'Monsters & aliens' and 'Max payne'. Maybe she enjoyed the movies or maybe i was too busy getting overwhelmed at her sitting beside me.

If you have just 3 days left for majors, howsoever careless you may be, you can't ignore them. So even my silent conscience got so loud that i had to study. The study sessions turned out to be of only 2 hours and the rest of the night used to be spent in her thoughts or playing counter-strike. She was studying in her hostel these days which i was not so excited about as i got to see less of her. Maybe i studied more because she was not around. But i missed her more coz she was not around.

It was the last exam. The dreaded MATHS! (Mentally Affected Teachers Harassing Students!) And after seeing the course, i realized what all i had missed while i had bunked my classes to see 'monsters & aliens'. Saumya, being too kind, had felt pity on my state and had agreed to teach me some of complex numbers. Dunno if it was actually difficult or not, but i was not able to grasp it even after her hard efforts. The whole tension of flunkin in maths was hovering me once again. I was cursing myself badly that i had been so careless during the semester. The guilty conscince was overpowering me. It all depended on tomorrow. It was 3am and my frustration got the better of my dedication by now. I simply shut the book. Saumya was still trying to teach me so that i can get something in my head. I just moved out and said
"You wanna go to the MS roof?"
"What..?? Now..!! But Why..??? Don't you have to study for tomorrow?"
"Look, I'm stressed out and i feel realxed there."
"But now..?? Its 4am..?"
"You're coming or not?"
"Is today special or you always go crazy at 4am?"
"The night view from the roof-top is really nice. You wanna come?"
"Okk...whatever. You know dhawal- you speak nonsense and you're crazy"
At any other situation, i'd have loved to reply "in your love". But today, my mind had stopped working. i just said "Lets go."
We climbed the ramp for 7 floors and reached the top floor of the building. The view that greeted my eyes was just awesome. (Apicture of the same has been posted above). It just took all my tension away.
"Oh my God! I never thought it was so beautiful!"
"i told you so."
"This is so amazing. You know i really wanna thank you sooooo much for this"
" Never mind."
"So when did you first....."
She turned around to find me holding some sheet in hand. I took out the rose which i had hidden in my sleeves, went down on my knees, and bowed my head down. Slowly, i rose my head, spread my arms and looked into her surprised eyes and offered the rose to her and said "This is for you. Maybe if i had spoken, i'd have said nonsense. So, i just wanna say

Hey Miss Saumya Sharma, Will-you-be-mine?"

She took the paper out of my hand and started reading it. (To see what was written on the paper, click here) I just closed my eyes and stayed as i was, waiting for her to reply. I don't know how much time passed but it seemed that einstein had said correct about relativity. It truly felt like an hour when it had only been a minute. Suddenly, i felt something cold brush past my face. I tried to open my eyes. But before i could come to my senses, i felt something soft on my face again. Her lips had parted mine. I opened my eyes only to see her beautiful eyes near my face. Our noses rubbed against each other's. The touch of her lips had made me numb! It felt as if i had got moksha. Sensually she gave a peck on my face and said,

" You know what...? You're nonsense... You're crazy... and you're my love..!! IDIOT!"

I felt delighted. We kissed again. I was just finding myself unable to say anything. All i could manage was to say "I love you" between the kisses. And all she replied was "IDIOT!". We just kept on sitting there till the guard came and we had to run away from there. It was 7am. We were feeling really sleepy. Yet, I felt on top of the world. The whole moment around me had stopped and the sun had started to show its face in the sky. It was then i realized that both of us had an exam in an hour and both of us had not studied for it in any way. It came back to my mind why we had came to the roof in the first place!! But still its felt okk to goof up some things for your love!

* * * * * * * T H E - E N D * * * * * * *

Note: we somehow managed to give our exams after two cups of cappachino. I managed just enough marks to cross the borderline and get a pass grade in maths. However, she still managed to get an A-minus in quantum mechanics. The semester ended happily. However, my SGPA screwed up (6.30) but that was not a matter of concern. I loved the loveliest girl and she loved me. That was more than enough. We had great outings after our majors where i did not have to resist myself from praising her openly. It has been more than year since then, and so far, we have lived happily ever after!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


With heavy arms and fallen eyes,
a happy face as my disguise,
I try to live here in this world
with all its twirls and swirls.

I try to keep myself sheltered
from all the moseries and hatred.
But the more i try to do so,
the more i end up as hurt.

All the pain inside my heart
has made me strong on the outside.
And just like a coconut
I'm hollow on the inside.

My eyes have dried of their tears.
My heart is scared of my fears.
And i have lived this miserable life
all through these lifelong years.

I want to talk but my lips don't move.
I want to smile but my muscles refuse.
And even when i want to die,
God makes sure that its just a lie.

I lie here hollow and lifeless,
Living on my own through the mess.
So, i stopped caring about it all.
But, no change can change me at all.

You're Beautiful..!!

Those beautiful eyes & lovely face
gets me lost in a maze,
Of which i don't wanna cum out.
"Coz i love girl", Thats what i wanna shout!

I tried to try many lines
"You complete me" or "Will you me mine?"
But when i see your angelic face,
words leave me & you take my breath away!

None can love you the way i do.
But how do i get to tell this to you?
But, are you too dumb to understand
that you are in love with the guy in front of you?

I'd fulfill all your wishes.
if required, I'd even cook the dishes
& still i'd love you day and night.
You are my moon & you are my light.

Your beautiful face, your cute smile,
Your sweet voice, Your sensuous style
Your flowing hair, your blue eyes,
Makes me go mad all the time.

I love you from the core of my heart. Your're as beautiful as a dove.
So, what the hell are you waiting for? Gimme a kiss & accept my love!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Without even looking at me, she took the chair and sat on the table next to me and buried her face in some thin book (i think it was a novel.Beautiful girls can't be geeks.) My eyes just kept gazing at her like an astronomer gazes at the stars. 30 seconds later i realized that my line of sight was perpendicular to the placement of my book and the beautiful angel had also noticed this.

After this reality check, i was looking for a way to avoid her eye. Earlier, i was staring at her. Now, she was staring at me. The only difference - her stare had an angry look while mine was that of a beauty-hypnotized person. Her eyes had met mine, i was getting nervous and my other senses were still not responding.It was an emergency situation. Suuddenly, i realized,
that all this while I had failed to notice that Rahul was oscillating his hand in front of my eyes to bring me back to my natural self. Now, his patience gave up and he hit the back of my head and said, "Padh le saale! Senior hai wo!"
My heart felt dejected.Rahul was laughing madly at me.This was the time to get embarassed. But, on the other hand, her angry stare gave way to a sweet hearty smile. Maybe she had heard the statement and realized that i was just an innocent boy captivated by her beauty. At the end, i was saved the horror of being publicly acused of stalking at her. She got back to her thin book and i tried to concentrate on mine but my mind dint let me study. The result, as i earlier told, was 7 markx out of 25 in the exam. But since that day, I came to reading room as much as possible so that i can just have a glimpse of her. I'd try to find a location where I was just 1 table away from her. I'd sit in a position such that i wont have to bend my neck to see her (after all, i am a lazy person). Her beauty did not leave my mind for the next week and was the reason behind my screwed minor exams.

As time progressed, i got to get a better look at her which drove me more and more crazy. The girl surely had an awesome dressing sense. Halter tops, spaghetti tops, jeans, skirts, slevelss,shirts - She knew how to carry it off. (Had she not been an IITian, she could have easily given Katrina Kaif a run for her money.) The frequency and locations of her getting spot increasesd too. At times, she could be seen having coffee at Nescafe with a gang of girls or surfing some website in the computer lab of Bharati Building.
Usually, I'd wake up at 7:45. But On thursdays, I'd reach the main building by 7:30 so that i can get a chance to be in the same lift as her.

But with time, i realized that she was indeed a geek. She could never be seen without a book. Wherever i saw her, she was busy either studying something or teaching someone. She used to talk, talk and talk about studies. Sometimes, i would think that she was a young professor with whom i had fallen in love. So, i almost gave up. Minor-2 has arrived and still electrodynamics was still as tough as rocket science.With full intent to study, i chose a lonely corner of reading room and started with the "laws of magnetism".

Maybe God wanted me not to study or wanted to test my non-existent willpower. i got uo to have a coffee only to find the beauty sitting next to me. She was not near, not opposite - She was sitting adjacent to me (& gossiping with a friend of hers). I forgot the coffee and sat back. When you sit next to the prettiest girl in universe, you simply cant do anything else. Somehow I could not resist myself and asked her. "Excuse me, Do you have an extra pen?. (I already had 3 pens in my bag all of which i had borrowed from someone and not returned.) "Ohkk",she replied and and took out a cello gripper from her bag. I grabbed it instantenously (and never returned it). I tried to get back to studies but she was speaking so loudly that i could not do it even if i wanted to. I said to her," Excuse me! Can you please be quiet? I'm trying to study." To which she replied in her ever sweet voice," Jab aap bol bol kar question solve kar rahe thay, tab humne aapko kuch kaha? NAHI NAA... Toh humein bhi apni baatein karne dijiye"
I was surprised and could not control my laughter. I somehow ran out of reading room and laughed my heart out there. Her cute statement had pierced my heart! After getting back to normal, i went inside, took my bag and that was the end of my studies for minor-2. The result: 4 markx out of 25. A total of 11 on 50 really hurts even if you try to ignore it (esp when the pass marks are 40/100). I motivated myself to study hard for the majors and i partially did.

It was Electrodynamics major exam next day. I finished my maths exam and straighaway moved to reading room to study. I pushed as much as i could have. But, i knew that i had not done enough to touch the magic figure of 40. My frustration increased exponentially with the progress of the night. It was 1'o clock and i sleep started to attack me . I got up to get a coffee (I had already taken 9). When i returned, i found the preety lady sitting in front of me buried in her book. I ignored her (i hated myself for this) and i got back to study. I felt a pat on my back accompanied with a question,"Hows preparation going on"? It was Ishan (the institute topper). "Electrodynamics is not meant for me. sine wave ki tarah mere sar ko jump karke nikal jaati hai. kal toh main pakka fail hoon yaar.29 toh mere kisi haal mein nahi aa sakte."
"koi baat nahi. Ho jayega yaar. Ek baar samajh le. Its quite easy",he replied. As toppers find everything easy,i could not have said anything. He consoled me and got back to his studies. My frustration was getting the better of me. At 1:30, i simply packed my bags and got up to leave.
"Itni jaldi jaa rahe ho?"
I turned back to discover that the beautiful lady has said this to me. My frustration still won against my elation.
" Jab kuch samajh me hi nahi aa raha, toh padhne ka kya khaak faayda hoga?"
"thoda bahut padh lo. Its not that difficult. Exam subah subah hai kya?"
"Nahi. 3 baje hai"
"Then toh, you can easily study till late nite."
Now, i was irritated of it. "AAP HI PADHA DO NAA..?", i shot back.
"Ummm. OK."
Maybe God was reaaly happy on me or whatever, i had heard something really helpful when i was in dire need of it. I agreed. I took out my book and gave it to her. "So what shall we start with?" "Optics maybe. thats the major part". "Ok." And hence started my best night at IIT till then. (I had better ones, but more on that, later) . She started teaching me reflection,refraction, polarization, interference, diffraction, etc. Dunno if she was brilliant at teaching or i hed been a dumb student till now. But the fact was that she taught me the whole of optics in just 3 hours and i was able to understand it too.Maybe i was hypnotized by her sweet voice or her way of explanation by using her hands and expressions. She was just brilliant. It was 5 am and even she got tired. So we decided to leave to dedicate ourselves to sleep.
"Thats the end of your course in optics, i guess?"
"Yeah.It is. Can i thank you with a coffee..?", i suggested.
We went to Nescafe and i ordered two cauppochinos for us.
"By the way,can i ask you something?"
"yeah. ask"
"why did you decide to teach me? you must be having your majors too"
"Ohh..thats nothing. You seemed too frustrated with electrodynamics and your wish to pass. I just thought of helping you. Thats it. As far as my majors are concerned, i don't hav any exam today. My only exam left is of engineering drawing and i'm done studying for it.
I really thanked god for creating such nice people. "One more question. Whats your name?"
"You don't know my name yet. Hehe! Its SAUMYA. Yours is dhawal. rite?"
"yeah. But how do you know? I din't tell you"
"It was written there on your book"
And the conversation went on for another half an hour. We told each other about ourselves. I discovered that she was not so senior to me - a student of 2nd year in 'Engineering physics'. And most importantly, she was single. (^_^) And she was really good at heart. At 5:45 we finally daparted to our respective hostels. i wished i could sleep in her lap. I moved towards our hostel. My heart was more happy than any word used to describe happiness. I could not stop smiling.The dark night was gone and beautiful sun rays were rising in the sky. Simulataneously, A new sun of romane was rising in my heart. Happily, i reached my hostel and surrendered myself to sleep so that i could get lost in Saumya's sweet dreams!

(more later. please stay tuned)

Note: I got 36/50 in majors. my total was 46 and i got a C-grade in elctrodynamics instead of just a D. My CGPA for the semster was 7.77. All is well that ends well. And she was reason for such a good end.

Monday, March 8, 2010

GIRLS AT IIT - Part:3 The Unsung Heroes

Hence ends the first year of IIT. The nerds are left with all kinds of experiences. Some have a really happy life with their Miss fortune while some are left with a CGPA that's definitely not worth boasting about. Some are left dejected after all their attempts go in vain while some are left with humiliating nicknames that stick on with them for the rest of their degree. While there are some nice experiences to share, most of the horrifying ones are dropped in the closet. 40% of both guys and girls in the campus are committed. There are the rest 60% for the taking. This process in turn gives a wondeful example of love, lust, frustration, strategy and long term investments. Of the remaining 60% of guys about two-third of them manage to find their love/crush/infatuation somewhere in the remaining 3 years which gives them the feeling that they have nothing left which can make the college life more rocking. The remaining 20% head into various directions- Some become frustrated lots with nothing to do, some just spend their whole time watching stuff on their laptop. Some who turn away from the world and think that everything is "moh-maaya".

BUT, the strategies that people develop to develop relationships are really commendable. But, more interesting are the ones who remain single. There are some who end up getting frustrated for all 4 years of their degree because they have been unsuccessful in all their attempts to hook up with batch-mates, seniors and even juniors. While there are others who leave hope after first attempt only and think of everything as “moh-maya”. There is also a small group which moves towards spiritualism and a similar number dedicates itself completely to the hard-rock metal bands and, like depressed souls, they keep screaming sad songs in a voice that is as hoarse as it gets. There are also lots of people who move around like free birds and take fun in doing all the senseless things of the world while there are some who become enslaved to the opposite sex. There are also some (of both sexes) who start showing traits of ‘Homosexuality'. Amidst all this, one can notice a handful of guys and gals who hardly make public appearances and are mostly seen roaming around the campus to contribute to the non-existent nightlife.

The second and third year sees commitment of 40% of the females present- 20% in each year. The peer pressure helps and everyone gets an inspiration to have a spouse. The mushy-mushy feelings start seeding up, ‘kuch-kuch hota hai’ and people start dreaming about a ‘happily ever-after’. The romantic songs start striking a chord in the heart and ‘Love is in the air’. Hence, the friends start realizing that they are more than ‘just friends’, the ‘just friends’ become ‘close friends’ which further develops into something more substantial in the following years. The density of the ‘premi-joda’ increases with the number of semesters and everyone finds something to stay smiling about. The unlucky guys, too, find luck somewhere else and settle down with their love. Thus, by the time the third year ends, 80% of the population have that someone special in their lives. The remaining 20% are just too careless or too unlucky to not be in the same crowd. But there is one bottom line that holds true- “EVERYONE, BE IT ANY BOY OR GIRL, DREAMS TO HAVE THAT SOMEONE SPECIAL IN LIFE.” (atleast once a semester). If you don’t believe me, try asking any IITian to give an honest answer on that one.

The fourth year is amongst the least happening in terms of hook-ups. Only a few get hitched, most of their partner being juniors with whom they had an interaction because they attended a ‘fakka’ course with them. The real happenings show up on the darker side. Everyone starts to concentrate on career, internships, jobs, CAT,etc. Suddenly, the value of money is understood and the feel to win the rat-race takes over. Love takes a backseat and thats the time when some of the couples break up. Some have distances creeping up while some find it really hard to manage the long-distance relationships now. Some start fighting too much while some just find that there is no X-factor left in the relationship to keep them motivated. To the parents’ surprise, the phone bills start coming down and their child starts to show some real maturity. Only the deep-in-love and strong couples manage to stand through the storm of career tensions. Some even go to the extent of sacrificing a well-paying job because they want a job where they are as near to their partner as possible while the daring ones decide to study together for two more years doing MBA from some IIM. Hence, after the season of break-ups in fourth year, only 50% of the population of a batch is still committed which also depreciates linearly as months progress.

In all this hullaboo, the females are the surely the ones living on the greener side of the grass. They have the option of choice, accept, reject, cancel, avoid, praise, abuse and what not! They always have a good number of idiots at their command for any help. They don’t have the tension to achieve expertise in umpteen number of computer games. They have the peer pressure to study because the other girl has finished the whole course. And, even then, they may never be the toppers but definitely have a much better average grade than their male counterparts.

But, in the duration of four years that are spent at IIT, the people that are never taken seriously are the guys. Thought to be in abandon, they are easily available and taken granted for. Thought to be the most intelligent bastards, they are hardly considered seriously. But, once people pass out, the guys are the ones whom they miss the most. Its only the guys with whom you spent 80% of the time in the campus. Its generally the guys whom you call your best-friend. Its only the guys whom you can blame for anything. Its only the guys on whom you can throw the filthiest of abuses and get the same in return and still remain the best of friends. Its only the guys with whom you can truly be what you are without caring about what the guy will think. Its only a guy whom you can disturb in the middle of night for even the stupidest of reasons and still get genuine help in return. Its only a guy with whom you share your deepest of secrets- even those where you acted like an asshole and still laugh about it. Its only the guys whom you miss the most after your degree. Its only the guys with whom you can have the weirdest of competitions like gaming, finishing seasons of serials, abuses, stupidity, etc. Its only the guys in front of whom you won’t ever feel hesitation. Its only the guys with whom you can fight your level best. Its only the guys who can’t object to any of your statement but instead give a better one in return. Its only a guy who does not mind even if he is made fun of. Its only a guy whom you can give bumps and kicks with your full strength. Its only a guy who lets you know your bad traits by funnily discussing it. Its only the guys who stays with you forever knowing what you truly are...

The guys- are indeed the silent contributors. They are present everywhere in the campus but are not taken seriously just like the air around us. Air is present everywhere but we don’t realize its importance till we feel lack of it. Just try imagining your campus life without all the guys for a minute. Were you able to imagine it...? This is to acknowledge all the guys’ silent contribution to our lives. How they make our time memorable and bearable...

HAIL - TO - ALL - THE - GUYS..!!!

We are great! Its just that we are too modest and busy to glorify or praise our contributions!!

************* T H E – E N D**************

P.S: This article is dedicated to the only friend of mine who does not have any girl in his friend list. Dude! You rock!

Note: This article in not meant to make any derogatory inference to anyone and has been written as a single person’s perception by a personally conducted research on a lot of IITians - both male and female. However, any offence or hurt of sentiments is not regretted. All the coincidences with reality are true and intentional.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well.. i fall for girls as often as i see a movie. And i fall out of them sooner. The effect of the beauty is just like those of scenic locations. After ten minutes, you tend to get bored of it. Since, girls have a feedback mechanism too, so it takes upto ten days to normalize to their beauty. Currently, I'm in love with maria-the item girl in 'niyat' song from "teen-patti".( Man! She is smokin hot!) But some faces remain etched in your memory forever. No matter where you are, what you are doing, that face always stays at the back of your mind. Me, being no exception, also have a few of those faces at the back of my mind too.

It all started with me clearing J.E.E. Now I'm in IIT-the most prestigious college of the nation. At IIT, everything happens. You can go on doing every kind of imaginable nonsense (yes,i mean every kind!) for 20 days and study the last 5-6 days and get a decent grade. But some dumbos like me compromise on that 5 day period too and study only when my ass is on fire. Now, if you are a normal person, you can easily study (with full concentration) in hostel between 3am-9am (coz that the time when other normal fellows are asleep). But, if you also sleep in that time-line like other normal fellows, then even god can't make you study inside hostel. It is then that your hear the name of something known as "READING ROOM" aka R2.

It is the place "officially" made for students to study in silence at any time of the day. So, i also headed to the place thinking that i will study in that geek place where u have to maintain pin-drop silence. With full intent to study,i showed my id card to the guard outside, i entered the reading room hoping to see hordes of bespectacled morons giving me a one-time look and then again burying their faces inside the books. But, fortunately or unfortunately, it was nothing close to the belief. Here is a brief view of what i saw -

There were about 10-15 laptops on the tables near the walls where equal number of singletons and couples (deep in love) will be watching some latest movie together which they have just downloaded from the LAN. There were 3-4 groups of about 5-6 students (2-3 of them being girls with one being exceptionally good-looking) who had books opened in front of them but were not even looking towards them. All that they were doing was chatting something nonsense which contributed to making fun of one of them or throwing things like pen,eraser or even the girl's hair-band at one-another. Then, there was one decent looking girl who was running behind a guy to beat him up.( He must have praised her beauty in wrong way.) Also, there were some Ph.D/ students who were either chatting with their spouse or discussing some gossiping so loud that i can catch their words at the entry gate itself.(they were making fun of some professor,i guess). In one corner there were gangs of vella guys who were studying as well having some funny senseless chat going on at the same time. In another corner,there was a group of studious girls (listening songs on their cellphone) who were pretending to study while trying to show style absent-mindedly to get some bhaav from someone. In the middle there were some loners who were effectively doing nothing than passing time. Amongst this crowd, i also saw some geek faces in the farthest lonely corner of the room who were studying as if they were working on some research paper of metaphysical theory which they had to submit tomorrow,else their life was at stake.

Suddenly, I realized one thing. All the beautiful faces that i was seeing in the reading room, I had never seen them during the whole month i had spent in IIT. I still don't know why those girls were never visible during daytime. Maybe,they only attended classes and slept off during the whole day or, who knows, they were vampires or something like that. The surprise look of the reading-room took a while to sink in. Then i found an empty table near the geeks where i put my bag and took out my griffith. After rating every beautiful girl on the horizon on the beauty scale from 1-10, i got back to studying because "my minors were around the corner and i had spent my lectures
trying every possible idle work i could think of. I even tried jumping from the window just after the attendance. But that was good enough for only one time. Now, to make my studying process comfortable, i placed my feet on the chair on the opposite side of table and started studying the concept of vector algebra. I got lost (and confused) in the world of curl, divergence, gradient,etc where the author tries his best to say things which no common folk can understand. After 10 minutes of concepts of electrodyanmics,i felt like burning off that book. Suddenly a voice said " Can you please move your feet?" I was too irritated with electrodynamics to pay heed to anything else. 10 seconds later i heard a sweeter voice saying "Excuse me, Can you please give me this chair?"

The voice went deep into my heart and i felt something weird inside me. Then, i realized the voice was referring to me. I looked up and... i went blank. My jaw dropped, Violins started playing, My senses went numb,my knees went weak,i found myself unable to move- for a moment i thought i had died and an angel was greeting me. " Hellooo, is someone already sitting here?" the voice was sweetest this time. Coming back into reality, i somehow manged to get my legs off that chair. But my other senses refused to respond. My eyes still kept gazing at her like people gaze at mona lisa. Here i attempt to convey hear beauty in words.

+ a perfectly oval face with skin as fair as milk.
+ nice flowing hair neatly tied beahind her head.
+ beautiful glowing eyes, pink lips with perfect smiley teeth, cute cheeks and nose
+ frameless glasses increasing her beautiful innocent looks
+ black shirt brilliantly displaying her sensousness.
+ All the body parts perfectly in place and in shape as well.
+ her voice which was the sweetest i have heard in a really long time.

Then, without even looking at me, She took the chair and sat on the table next to me and buried her face in some thin book (i think it was a novel.Beautiful girls can't be geeks.) My eyes just kept gazing at her like an astrinomer gazes at the stars. 30 seconds later i realized that my line of sight was perpendicular to the placement of my book and the beautiful angel had also noticed this.

(more in next part)

P.S: It was no surprise that i got 7marx out of 25 in the electrodynamics exam 2 days later..!

NOTE: If by any chance, the beautiful girl is reading this post, then please forgive me but the captivity power of your beauty has increased exponentially with time.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls at IIT's- part:2 (The adventures of misfortune!)

Hence starts the session at the IIT’s. About 5000 people enter the IIT’s of which about 500 are girls. Now,if you are a girl at IIT, you need not worry about anything. You will be like a princess, you will have loads and loads of admirers, your assignments will be taken care of, everything will be acording to your likes and dislikes and much more.. BUT, if you are a guy, you have got a lot of things to think about. Now, when a guy starts his engineering life, he sees girls for the first time because he has been a geek (by normal standards) for the past 12 years (the contradictions are not absent but very rare). So, now you get to see the college life- the world around us, the sights of nature, outside life, movies every week, malls, and the most influential things- GIRLS.

Now, the realization comes that beauty lies not only in the mathematical equations of calculus but somewhere else too! Something that attracts you blindly without any introduction. Now, comes the understanding of words like “infatuation”, “crush” , ”love”, etc. Everyone gets a copy of "Five point someone" and starts dreaming about a "neha" that they are about to find in the campus. They don't know that all such hopes and dreams of theirs are about to be crushed in near future. (For your information, never dare to even talk about a faculty's daughter. Your grades might just get halved. I know of only one person till date who had an affair with the Dean's daughter and actually got married to her.)

As we already know, the sex ratio at IIT’s is not a thing to be talked about. So, in order to lead a happy life at IIT you must have two things to keep you occupied – studies or relationship. The study ones are called the geeks, whereas the latter ones are called lucky. The (rare) ones having both are called “studs” and the ones having none, living solely on friendship and therefore doing all the useless things in the world, are called the “self-proclaimed studs” (Yours truly also belongs there. This article is a live example my uselessness). Now, in case you are a self-proclaimed stud, you must have worshiped god real hard and true to make you “lucky”. Then, God puts you in departments like Biotechnology and architecture where the females can even outnumber the males, which, is heaven in IIT by any standards! BUT, if you have been unkind to mankind, God may put you in departments like Mechanical engineering where you will feel for even the sight of females. And, if you have been brutal all your life, then beware! God will put you in departments like “mining” and “metallurgy” where the entry of girls is not even permitted!

On the registration day everyone sees all the faces around them. There, you get to see all kind of humans you can think about – grumpy, geek, idiot, stupid, smart, ugly, shy, horrible, Greek-gods, skinny and ,last but not the least, BEAUTIFUL ONES. And, without any mutual understanding, 90% of them keep their eyes engraved on a single person- the girl who is the best among the ones present. Let’s call her Miss Fortune. Now, from a guy’s perspective there are lots of hurdles between him and finding a Miss Fortune for himself.

1)She must have cracked J.E.E and not be someone’s relative who has come to see off someone (this hurts real bad!).
2) She must have chosen your IIT at the time of counseling. (By law of averages, it narrows the number to 60).
3)She must be in your department. (This further narrows the number down to a “maximum” of 10 - biotechnology & architecture are exceptions).
4)She must be your group. (Further narrowing to a maximum of 5.)

Now, in case you do find a Miss fortune satisfying all the above conditions, there are few more important conditions that are to be considered-
5)You get to talk to her. (Now, don’t ask me numbers on that one.)
6)She must give you some “bhaav”. (Don’t be daydreaming about that! She can always have any number of idiots like you at her command.)
7)There should not be anyone ahead of you in the race for the same Miss Fortune.
8)She should not be already committed to someone else (MOST IMPORTANT).

About 10-20% of the girls getting admission in IIT's go on to become someone's Miss fortune. But, everyone participates in the real race for grabbing Miss Fortune. They easily become the center of attention. As soon as guys get to know their names, the nerds flock towards the social networking sites viz orkut, facebook, hi5 and start searching her there. In case they do find her, they add her without a thought. Then, like a child stares at the animals in the zoo, they start checking out her profile and pictures (if she has put any) and hence, try to gather as much info about her as they can. Some go even further by gathering information from their sleuths in other colleges. As soon as she comes on-line,she would see a page showing 30-odd friend requests and a greater number sending her “Hi” as soon as she has logged in. Her scraps would rise exponentially along with beautifully decorated and colourful picture messages and e-cards and there will be a flood of sweet, cute testimonials on her profile. She is followed everywhere, except the loo, with dedication that can put even FBI spies to shame. Now, obviously if you get that much attention, even Gandhiji will get a high air about himself.

So, as mere mortals, the females too get a high air and the males do equally good to promote it. Suddenly, a fashion wave sweeps the academic premises. The makeup shops nearby make a merry and even run out of stock. The makeovers are the in-thing and the studious geeks transform into beautiful models, thereby producing more OOH's and AAH's. In case, you follow your Miss Fortune closely, you can very well see the different skin-shades above and below the neck courtesy their hostel-made beauty-parlours. Every new day presents them as if they are walking the red carpet at the Oscars. And, the dress repetitions, That cant happen! But, on some unlucky days, you can actually tell if your babe took a bath or not by simply seeing her in her true avatar in her "Just-out-of-bed" look. A lot more happening things keep you interested till atleast a month. But,one thing that this race obviously gives, is a very good demonstration of Crab theory- every crab is more interested in other's failure than his own success.

With all these facts in mind, you can very well find the probability of you actually managing to hook up with your Miss Fortune. The probability would come as low as the probability of flying pigs. Just in case she ain't committed, she would most probably fall for the someone of her choice within the first semester. She chooses the one who suits her best, but umpteen hearts break in the background during in the process. Hence, by the time the first semester ends, 20% of the Miss Fortune are already taken. By that time, most of the hopefuls have given up saying ”she was not my type” or “i never tried” (typical loser statement of the diplomats), but still some do keep trying away for the remaining ones and give rise to the part that goes on to dominate the next 4 years of their life. There is also a small portion which stays hopeful and waiting for a chance so as to become the second partner of the first lot of Miss Fortunes. But, they never succeed. ( Losers!! Get a life for yourself first!) So, if the girls are interested in finding some true friends, they do it after the first semester.

Now, howsoever are the girls entering IIT, 20% are already committed or get committed to someone outside ,thus breaking more number of hearts. Now, 40% of girls are out of reach of the aam-junta. But, the rest 60% are yet remaining which can give a great expertized knowledge and demonstration about approaches. Also an equal percentage of guys in IIT are also committed, but the percentage of those who always see their sweetheart in class is limited to single digits only.
{more later}

P.S: IN case you have managed to read through all the crap written above,there is a clarification. Any similarity with reality is unintentional and may vary with the reader's life and opinions.For any objections on the post, please bother to contact or mail me first.