Friday, February 20, 2009

You are the same...

It hasn't been so long
Or has it been..? i don't know...
We have been friends for enough time
that we can atleast sing friendship songs.

You are a great person
who knows oneself really well.
How much mature you seem to be...
That even I can't tell.

Your curly locks have gone straight,
glass spectacles cover your face.
But,you are still the same...
Maybe you have gained a bit of weight.

But,that won't mean you have changed.
You are still as true as your name.
If there is someone whom I can look up to anytime
That can only be you my "mad" friend.

Maybe your face now has a wide smile
after reading through my stupid writing style.
But, let the connect never ever end
By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my "allhad" friend..!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


In the world, I love you the most,
without your presence, I will be lost,
You are my guide, you are my angel.
For me, you are the one and only God.

You care for me when I'm away.
You hold me up when emotions make me sway.
Had you not been there in my life
my life would have been a hellish place.

For so much time, you've been with me,
overflowing me with the selfless love of thee.
If I'm asked to even die for you
I'll happily do that any day for free...

All that you've done for me values over everything
I could not replicate it even in my dreams
How can you love me so much..?
What do you find so special in my living..?

BUT, I wont ever break your trust,
I'll give up my everything for all wishes of your heart.
You are the best thing I could have ever had

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There is a stranger whom i see.
He keeps on staring at me.
Everytime I look at him,
I find some resemblance with me.

He smiles all the time
His face is full of glow
He is a bit familiar...
Maybe he is someone whom i know.

His eyes have a bright twinkle
descripting his happy face.
His lips are curved in a smile.
Nowhere does sadness have any trace...

Is he just out of heaven..?
Or does he have no worries at all..?
The expression of happiness on his face
keeps on becoming tall and tall.

His hair wave over his forehead.
He has a wide smile.
His eyes bilinking so softly...
Its so amazing all the while.

Why does he seem familiar..?
Have i seen him somewhere..?
Maybe yes... I think yes... me, he is a bit similar.

But the only difference
lies in our expressions...
He is so full of joy
but i'm so full of tension.

My smile has been lost.
I can't recover it at any cost.
Here, my eyes plead for something...
Unlike his eyes which keep on happily twinkling.

My lips wish to tell a thousand stories.
But, still they remain silent all the while,
His lips also tell a thousand stories...
all of them reflected in his smile.

I know why he a bit familiar..
I know who is that stranger..
i guess its me, myself...
just lies between us the mirror...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Faces and faces I see everywhere
some happy. some joyful, some sad are also there
smiles & twinkle & tears of cry.
Some change everytime, some stay same all the while

Some console with their sympathy
Some inspire with lovingly empathy
Some make me smile with just their voice,
Others just pass by and leave me to god's advice.

Some of them are faithful
Some others to whom i'm loathful
Some who always put on a plastic mask
Some who think humanity is a wasteful task

But some of them have a genuine emotion
without any ill or misconceived notion
they are those with the purest heart
who try to pull everyone out of the dark.

Let the god bless those who are true...
Give them respect...its their due...
If you can't be like them, don't be the reverse
because every sin we'll do comes back to us..!