Monday, August 24, 2009


Fairness cream - an article which is found in every home today. even if we are watching T.V & advertisements come in beween the show, atleast one ad is that of a fairness cream. with so many brands doing the rounds in the market,people even have variety in choosing which cream they want. The situation is such that we have fairness cream for every age, every skin-type,every weather and it goes for both the sexes. With the fairness cream for men also out in the market,even the males are openly using them now. And, girls' fetish for make-up and to look fair is well known since ages. From cleopatra to nefertiti, from greek godesses to indian queens, all had their ways by which they maintained the fair complexion of their skin. So, no doubt that fairness creams sell like hot cakes even today. But,there is one question- CAN THESE CREAMS REALLY MAKE SOMEONE FAIR COMPLEXIONED..?
The answer is a very faint yes. the yes is faint because these creams can only save our skin against sun-tan and stop the darkeining of skin. But,they can't improve one's complexion. And there is a perfect scientific reason for that.
Acording to science,our skin gets darkened because of producton of melanin cells secreted by the pineal gland. The gland becomes active when our skin gets exposed to the sun. In order to pevent or skin from sunburn,melanin gets produced which protects our skin from harmful rays of sun. Due to these malanin cells' production,our skin gets tannes and thus darkened. Thats why people living in snowy and less sunny regions have a fairer complexion than those living in hot and sunny regions. This also implies one more fact- our skin is most fair when we are born and as the time progresses our skin gets exposed to sun and our complexion becomes darker. So,if you are one of those fairness cream freaks,then just look at the colour of your armpits (they are least exposed to sun during our lifetime). Your skin can never ever become fairer that the colour of your armpits naturally.
Lets discuss the functioning of a fairness cream. When we apply fairness cream on our faces, the cream acts as a shield. since it acts as a barrier between sunrays and our skin,the melanin need not be produced and hence our skin does not get tanned and stops the skin fron darkening.Thats all they can do.They can't make our skin fairer. Thats about the creams that are relatively cheap and used by the maximum percentage of people.
Now,about those creams that actually make your skin fairer.Yes,there are creams that can actually make your skin fair. Such creams contain tropical salts(name witheld deliberately). What such creams do is that they remove the layer of melanin that gets deposited on our skin due to tanning due to,they react with melanin & remove it from our face and thus our skin looks fairer than before. this is basic way of action of various "anti-ageing" and "get fair in 7-days" creams that burn a hole in our pockets with their high prices. But that harmful effect is that it reduces the thickness of your skin. removes the layer of melanin,it makes your skin thinner.So if one uses it over a period of time,the skin becomes a lot thinner and it's defence against the harmful rays of sun becomes very weak as most of the melanin cells are dead due to the reaction of the cream on our skin.This is equivalent to the exposure of sun due to depletion of ozone hole.thus it really increases the risk of skin cancer and other skin related diseases.and the hazards don't end here. it may make our skin look younger and fair for a short periond of time. But,take my word,in five years time,the skin would look like that of a fifty-year old person. one would atart getting wrinkles at very realy age. you would need more and more of it with time to maintain your complexion which would make our skin further thinner. So,its a catch-22 situation. It would either get you heavy wrinkles and ageing over time or else give you skin diseases like skin cancer.The choice is yours.
If that isnt enough,have this. All of us have seen michael jackson. Did his fair skin ever look natural to you? NO. Yes,even if one gets fair by such creams,it wont look like naturally fair skin. Morever,your skin will become so thin that one would start bleeding even if the skin just gets lightly bruised by something.
If that isnt enough to get over the fetish for fair skin,analyze this fact.people living in china,japan,kashmir,nepal and other regions also have fair skin. But,how many of them actually look beautiful even with fair skin? Not even 50%. the fact being that looking beautiful doesnt have anything to do with skin texture. It depends more on the shape of the face. the shape of people's face in cold regions is moulded due to the climate. So,not many of them are beautiful. there is perfect mathematical formula for position of various features of your face that contribute to them looking beautiful(If you don't believe me,read wikipedia).if a handsome person is given any skin colour or hairstyle,he'd still look as handsome beacuse the position and shape of eyes,nose,ears,lips,etc wouls still be the same.So,if one is handsome,he is born that way. Skin colour hardly goes to modify your beauty. So.we should remember that stayin natural is the best way to have a good and lifely skin. Fairness wont help much. And,remember the fact- We cant have a skin fairer than the colour of our armpits in a natural way.
(this article is wriiten as my personal opinion. Facts may vary with time or place.)

(with inputs from hemant yadav)

Monday, August 3, 2009


This post is dedicated to all those people outside my family who have had a great influence on my life. i really love you all...

CYBERNETICNUKER: The person who matters most to me after my family. We're just like timon and pumbaa.! dude,you have really influenced my outlook towards life.someone who is so down-to-earth even when he has a lot in his life that he can be proud of the most intelligent.honest n innocent guys that i have seen in my life. Dude,your simplicity is just awesome & knowlegke ka toh tu bhandaar hai yaar..! what happens to you actually affects me. people say that best friends are rare to i know why... i don't think i will find another person like you ever in my life.. dude you rock. just pray we remain friends like this forever.

ALLHAD:: wat can i say about you yaar.. you areb just out of this world. thats why god made no one else who could even come close to you. you are someone who have always taught me something about social life and changed a moron,nerdy guy to a social person. you wouldn't even know that.but yes,its true. i have learnt a lot from you. i mean you were among those rare4 people whom i was avle to tell so much about myself. and the common interest fo songs,movies,etc,etc.etc n what not..! n ur bindass attitude roxx yaar. & 1 more thing- You are still the next thing to madness.!!

YOU SPELL ME AS DHAVAL: Man..!! u wont ever spell my name right..hai naa..?? but,you have been one of the sweetest persons i have come across in my life. i do u manage to be so sweet n helpful n always managing that sugar voice of yours.. i'd love to see u angry,altleast once.. and mayb you wont acknowledge this but yes.. you should get atleast one-third of the credit of my acdemic success. sach mein yaar..! u were the one who made me study by asking so so so many doubts. & coz of this i had to study something majboori mein which helped me a lot yaar. i mean i criusly wudnt have been in this institute but for your doubts.. hehe! and i can very well imagine how long your phone bill must have been in those days [:-P] but criusly yaar..thanks for being there with me..! gal u rock...!!!! n have a gr8 life with your chicken..!

G'MAN GUY: the most pure-hearted person i have ever seen in my entire life.. dude my head bows down to don't know yaar but you are damm gr8..! (skh will one day kick herself). for the incessant faith you used to put in me,i still don't know what to say for that. u r sum1 who evn hailed me a gud prsn..! n u dunno hw ashamed i usd to feel wen u usd to look upto me. dude u criusly rock... with such a pure heart and a caring nature...success will never fall fall short of u. evn god is proud to make a guy like u. n u always inspire me to bcum just like u..! u rock dude..!!

MISS ALUWALIA: sweetie pie you rock..!!!! if there someone who reprimands me everytime weh she sees me..its you.. everytime you altst hav to scold me abt one thing.. bt that tells me that u do care for me. u r only one whos always concerned for me n always gives me true advice. n wen u DO call up(wich is rare), i luv wen u say "CALL NAI KAR SAKTA THA KYA".. that proves tht when we dun talk for evn months..we still hav a telepathic touch with each other... :) Chinta mat kar..i ll come to ur place n hav food (cooked by u ths tym). n baby..try reducing some fat... love ya always...

COSTUME: i dunno why but ths guy is one of those who hav influenced my life to the hilt. maybe its the amount of time that he has spent with me, or maybe our opposite characters but still he roxx... chilled out, handsome looking, great sense of humour, witty lines... yaar..just improve your tone a bit n u can make any girl go weak in the knees for you... n tab ek nahi..dus dus gf's ban jayengi. anyways...this guy is someone whom i wanna bcum like in my life. so chilled tension..!!! wish i was like you.. you may be a bit dumbo ,i may get more marks than studyin less than you but dude..u r indispensable..!!! really!!! HAIL COSTUME!!! hail your toothy smile..!! hav a nice life dude!!

GUTTU: well..i never thot u wud find a place here but yes you do..!! dunno why..? but yes you too taught me a lot of things in life.. thing i still wanna say... dun be behind me..m still alone in my way.well..u may find it harsh but u did teach me a new way of dealing with ppl.. n yahh..u did taught me hiw to dodge ppl n all that stuff... but yes..u do play an influential role in my life. have a good life yaar n i'd like to aplogise to changing yo so much that u think so much now b4 evrythng...! neways..hav a good life yaar...!! i wish u all the best...!! tc

QUAKER BB: hmm..tere baare mein kya kahoon yaar...the simplest of the guys in the whole world. The guy who is so sweet n so down to earh n rue and what not!!!! You are the ultimat combo of everything yaar! i still remeber that you wre the first guy to talk to me when i moved into the new school. YAAR tu ekdum stud banda hai..away from all the glitterati of the world n still rocking in ur life.And the ultimat4 charm that you hae in yourself that every girl who meets you falls for you. Bas tu unhe kabhi bhaav nahi deta..! yaar..i wont ever b forget you..U R SIMPLY GR8!!!

(P.S:more people yet to be added)


There is a girl who always smiles.
She is cute even in telling lies
With twinkling eyes and glowing face
Nowhere does sadness have any trace.

She has always been here
with all showers of tender,love and care.
But,that hasn't made her proud.
It doesn't matter if her tone is very loud.

One can still be honest with her
If You wanna say,she is always ears.
She understands it all in her li'l mind
A girl like her ,one can never find...

She talks, talks and talks senselessly
And she even fools everyone so cunningly!
Behind her cute looks is a clever face.
But,the heart is very honest in her case.

She even blackmails me for her work.
And can give good lectures on make-up!!!
This is dedicated to a cute li'l girl
someone,whose wishes, are as pure as a pearl..!



What i hav written below may sound utterly stupid,senseless and irritating to you.But well..i wrote this one for a 5 yr old kid and he liked it a lot. So,this rhyme finds its place here.

A for Apple, B for Ball
C for Cattle, D for Doll.

E for Ear, F for Fat
G for Gear, H for Hat.

I for Igloo, J for Jam
K for Kangaroo, L for Lamb.

M for Mouth, N for Naughty
O for Ouch, P for Potty.

Q for Queen, R for Rose
S for Scene, T for Toes.

U for Under, V for vodafone
W for Wonder, X for Xylophone.

Y for Yes, Z for Zombie
You are great, Others are donkey..!

(thanks for bearing this fully nonsense poem by reading it)