Monday, May 10, 2010


It was the winter of 2009. My semester had got over. The beautiful girl aka saumya had helped me excel in electrodynamics which had a track record of only 60% success rate. But that was the last i had seen of her. After the exam , I got busy with post-major masti and dint even get a glimpse of her. In the 1 month winter break, I had come from the feeling of excitement to that of disappointment. All my dreams of extending my interaction with her were very bleak. (
It is impossible that an IITian girl remembers you just after one meeting,provided you have not eve-teased her.)

Then came Jan 2nd - the start of my 2nd semester.It all started normally just like any semester. All the students of our batch were given unsatisfactory grade in their introduction course and had to repeat it again this semester (which proved out to be a very boring and sleepy thing). But, more was in store. There were 6 heavy courses 'thopofied' on us. The result- no one from the batch got even a 9- pointer. But the fun never stops, and it never did.

We were caught jumping the JNU gate of IIT at 3am by the police patrol at new year's eve. While 4 of us still managed to run away from them, 2 of us got caught. But, we got the feeling of perfect chase sequences. Finally we reached the hostel legally through the main gate at 5am. I
t all came out well that nothing untoward happened.

"Uth ja mc! 5 minute mein lab hai", Kaustubh shouted at me.
"oh! bc!" It was 8:00. I jumped out of my bed. Kaustubh left for the lab running as if his life depended on it. I searched for my shoes but they were not to be found. I just settled for my flotters and ran, not caring for the breakfast. (
The mess slimmer program of IIT shows on all those 70-80 kg studs.I am already so thin that breakfast or no breakfast - it does not show on me! ) I ran faster than i had done 2 days ago. It was 8:10 and i was late enough to be given a 10 minute lecture on punctuality by the prof. To further delay my arrival, there was a queue of about 15 people at the lift. In the past semester,i had learnt a trick to dodge the lift queue. I ran to the 1st floor and entered the lift as it was coming down towards ground floor. Climbing one floor was definately a better option than climbing seven floors. Happily, i boarded the lift at the 1st floor. As the door opened at the ground floor, Saumya's face greeted me. She was with some friend of hers. My eyes refused to move away from her. She was still as captivating as she was 6 months ago when i had first seen her. As she enetered, she signalled a "hi" towards me accompanied by her amazing smile. I showed her my lab coat and pointed towards my wrist. She giggled and left for her class at fourth floor.

Her face had made my day. Now I was ready for any missile of lectures that the prof was gonna throw at me. I felt like the Sunny Deol of 'Gadar' who was ready to even uproot the handpump if necessary. But, most importantly "SHE REMEMBERED ME".
Yes!!!! A girl at I-I-T remembered a boy whom she had known just once!!!
I got out of the lift. It was 8:20 as i enetered the lab. Maybe, my luck was too great or God was too meherbaan, the prof had not arrived yet. Once again, she had proved lucky for me. All the memories of the final night of previous semester came back flashing to my mind. Later that day, or night i should say, i was back to the place where it all had started from - Reading Room. I had risked the super cold night to get a chance of conversation with her. But, the day was not so lucky. She did not come! Maybe, she had not started studying yet. After all it was just the first day of the semester!

With full faith in all the love gods and goddesses of the world, i braved the chill continuously for the next two weeks to go to reading room- only to return more disappointed each day. Finally the chill got too much
and i decided to study in the comforts of the fully air-conditioned library. I opened my R.K.Jain to study a bit of the complex numbers which Aparna mam had taught so sleepishly. As i enetered the farthest corner of the library, i saw Saumya buried in a 2000-page book along with her some less-beautiful friends (they were still way better than the normal lot at IIT's). She was wraped a green shawl which made her look so cute that i just have no words to describe it. Her curly hair, which were falling over her face, equally complemented her sensuousness. I took a seat from where I could watch her without any hinderance. 'It was not advisable to disturb a pretty girl while she was immersed in serious studies.'

This went on for about 2 more months. With gradual progress, I managed the courage to disturb her in studies, to make fun of her, sometimes even tease her with weird nicknames. Sometimes we will even dine out for a coffee at late night hours. I also got to know her friends. Sudha was the most charming, most talkitive and most irritating too. Namrata was average but simple and sweet. I really despised Khushbu who was always hell bent on showing me down. Only Vasudha was mature enough to be sensible. At IIT, Knowing a female senior really helps. They are the only ones who can give you tips to study sincerely. Plus, they can even teach you if request them. Moreover, you can always say that you have some contacts at himadri. But nothing in life is for free. All this happiness came at the cost of my poor performances in MAL-120. Complex numbers were so complex that i rarely got the hint of them. By the time minor-2 got over, i was sulking at a meagre total of 16/50 in Maths. The inter-hostel sms chat had taken a toll on my sleep as well. I had never dozed off in class in my entire life. But now, it was normal for me to sleep in atleast one lecture everyday.

After such a screwing, my silent conscience awoke again and i decided to study a lot. But god tested me again. As i left to Ex-hall (NOT reading room) to study, my cell beeped and displayed '1 message received'. As i pressed the view button, it read - "Wanna c fast n furious-4 @ priya?" I had planned to study i decided to waste no time. So, i replied "sure! wats d timin of d shw?" and i ran back to my hostel to get dressed to the occassion. The movie turned out to be an awesome experience and she turned out ot be more awe-inspiring. She looked ravishing in her black patiala. Maybe, my maths was getting screwed because of her but still i was enjoying the experience. And once I had got the hint, i dint even think of stopping. There were just two weeks left for my majors but still i managed to get her nod for two movies. Just me and her! Though both the movies were horrible, we still managed to sit through 'Monsters & aliens' and 'Max payne'. Maybe she enjoyed the movies or maybe i was too busy getting overwhelmed at her sitting beside me.

If you have just 3 days left for majors, howsoever careless you may be, you can't ignore them. So even my silent conscience got so loud that i had to study. The study sessions turned out to be of only 2 hours and the rest of the night used to be spent in her thoughts or playing counter-strike. She was studying in her hostel these days which i was not so excited about as i got to see less of her. Maybe i studied more because she was not around. But i missed her more coz she was not around.

It was the last exam. The dreaded MATHS! (Mentally Affected Teachers Harassing Students!) And after seeing the course, i realized what all i had missed while i had bunked my classes to see 'monsters & aliens'. Saumya, being too kind, had felt pity on my state and had agreed to teach me some of complex numbers. Dunno if it was actually difficult or not, but i was not able to grasp it even after her hard efforts. The whole tension of flunkin in maths was hovering me once again. I was cursing myself badly that i had been so careless during the semester. The guilty conscince was overpowering me. It all depended on tomorrow. It was 3am and my frustration got the better of my dedication by now. I simply shut the book. Saumya was still trying to teach me so that i can get something in my head. I just moved out and said
"You wanna go to the MS roof?"
"What..?? Now..!! But Why..??? Don't you have to study for tomorrow?"
"Look, I'm stressed out and i feel realxed there."
"But now..?? Its 4am..?"
"You're coming or not?"
"Is today special or you always go crazy at 4am?"
"The night view from the roof-top is really nice. You wanna come?"
"Okk...whatever. You know dhawal- you speak nonsense and you're crazy"
At any other situation, i'd have loved to reply "in your love". But today, my mind had stopped working. i just said "Lets go."
We climbed the ramp for 7 floors and reached the top floor of the building. The view that greeted my eyes was just awesome. (Apicture of the same has been posted above). It just took all my tension away.
"Oh my God! I never thought it was so beautiful!"
"i told you so."
"This is so amazing. You know i really wanna thank you sooooo much for this"
" Never mind."
"So when did you first....."
She turned around to find me holding some sheet in hand. I took out the rose which i had hidden in my sleeves, went down on my knees, and bowed my head down. Slowly, i rose my head, spread my arms and looked into her surprised eyes and offered the rose to her and said "This is for you. Maybe if i had spoken, i'd have said nonsense. So, i just wanna say

Hey Miss Saumya Sharma, Will-you-be-mine?"

She took the paper out of my hand and started reading it. (To see what was written on the paper, click here) I just closed my eyes and stayed as i was, waiting for her to reply. I don't know how much time passed but it seemed that einstein had said correct about relativity. It truly felt like an hour when it had only been a minute. Suddenly, i felt something cold brush past my face. I tried to open my eyes. But before i could come to my senses, i felt something soft on my face again. Her lips had parted mine. I opened my eyes only to see her beautiful eyes near my face. Our noses rubbed against each other's. The touch of her lips had made me numb! It felt as if i had got moksha. Sensually she gave a peck on my face and said,

" You know what...? You're nonsense... You're crazy... and you're my love..!! IDIOT!"

I felt delighted. We kissed again. I was just finding myself unable to say anything. All i could manage was to say "I love you" between the kisses. And all she replied was "IDIOT!". We just kept on sitting there till the guard came and we had to run away from there. It was 7am. We were feeling really sleepy. Yet, I felt on top of the world. The whole moment around me had stopped and the sun had started to show its face in the sky. It was then i realized that both of us had an exam in an hour and both of us had not studied for it in any way. It came back to my mind why we had came to the roof in the first place!! But still its felt okk to goof up some things for your love!

* * * * * * * T H E - E N D * * * * * * *

Note: we somehow managed to give our exams after two cups of cappachino. I managed just enough marks to cross the borderline and get a pass grade in maths. However, she still managed to get an A-minus in quantum mechanics. The semester ended happily. However, my SGPA screwed up (6.30) but that was not a matter of concern. I loved the loveliest girl and she loved me. That was more than enough. We had great outings after our majors where i did not have to resist myself from praising her openly. It has been more than year since then, and so far, we have lived happily ever after!


InGodvTrust said...

oh.. soo romantic :)
God Bless ya two

Netha Hussain said...

Wow..Romantic indeed..Liked the part where you gave her the rose..When it comes to love, exam is the greatest hurdle...Dunno how you managed to pass without studying a word..May be the cappachino you had worked magic..
May you live with her happily ever after..

sreeram said...

if this is creation this is good,if this happened really its even better

especially the kissing part and u wud be fool not to realise until the lips parted

wat a bad measure of the surroundings u have

bluef00t said...

glad even u enjoyed ur first year the same way i did. The only difference is i just managed to stay a bit awake in class so that i don't flunk in majors. Nite outs with girlfriends rock!!

dhawal said...

thanks ppl...!!!
really appreciate ur feedback..!!
@sreeram; do u really think i m that fool...?
@all: it is part-fiction.. So not all of it is true..!!

vickyyyyyyyy said...
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vickyyyyyyyy said...

This is really very well written romantic post.........
This will help many to propose girls...........:)

dhawal said...


manu bharghav said...

good one mate!!!
keep it up

well you see i don't completely agree with you on the mess slimmer program :)

dhawal said...

exceptions r always thr..!!
bt tell me that u havnt lost evn an ounce after cumin to iit...

kaustubh said...

wah beta dhawal. tu to chetan bhagat ban gaya hai.iit me parhna chor de aur noble likhna chalu kar de.1 average iitian se bahut jayea kamayega.
it seems u to mastered the art writing an interesting fiction out of small small real life incidences.

Netha Hussain said...

All are waiting for your next post..:)

dhawal said...

@kaustubh: thanx yaar...!!! waise ye sab likhne mein tera bhi contribution hai... aggar tu na hota toh i'd have never felt the josh to write courtesy the controversy.
@netha : next week

Priyanshu Raj said...

Yaar I dont have words to praise this post. I read the entire post in one go. Its superb.

Arpita said...

dhawal i must say u r an outstanding one....
yaar ek to iitian dn too such an awesome writer,upr se itni romantic lovestory,aur fir tmhari vo kayamat saumya,aur RESULT will be not PASS but B.TECH HONS...
gr8 going...
go ahed...
god bless you...

dhawal said...

arre...dun over-exggerate thngs yaar...
all this is just a result of my nonsense works... IIT is just by mistake.. and all ths is consequence of the torture by IIT.

suman kumar said...

really good...some scene was little longer..but i got into the story and really tasted sauyma's lips..wo khehte hai na ki feel aa gayi...keep on writing..wanna see your next.when?????an

dhawal said...

next will come very soon..!!

Tanvi Nimkar said...

Awesome!! Lucky guys have fun and enjoy your lives. May god bless you both. Madly in love you are :P

Stay like this always!

dhawal said...

hehe..!!! thanx..!!

Deepika said...

just need to say the most romantic thing i read... u r lucky if its true and u r awesome even its imaginary...

do tell me more about the romantic stuff u wrote. :)

dhawal said...

thanks for the praise...!!! never thought it'd be liked so much by people....
well...a part of it is true and a part of it is imaginary..!! It has been written by relating small real incidents with an imaginary storyline..!!

Suresh Wadhwani said...

Hey dhawal m new to ur blog..

after reading ur post i can say that... "Its awesome"

keep writing and sharing...
and ya god bless both of u:)

dhawal said...

thanks a ton dude for ur appreciation!! :)

4 those who care said...

a fun description,even though a part-fiction ;):)

4 those who care said...

a fun description,even though a part-fiction ;):)

Anonymous said...

There's a great power in words, if you don't hitch too many of them together.

soren jaba krishna said...

Awwwwww.......that was the cutest romantic story I have ever read....lots of fun even though with lots of academics pressure.....loved it..

jojo said...

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