Monday, August 3, 2009


What i hav written below may sound utterly stupid,senseless and irritating to you.But well..i wrote this one for a 5 yr old kid and he liked it a lot. So,this rhyme finds its place here.

A for Apple, B for Ball
C for Cattle, D for Doll.

E for Ear, F for Fat
G for Gear, H for Hat.

I for Igloo, J for Jam
K for Kangaroo, L for Lamb.

M for Mouth, N for Naughty
O for Ouch, P for Potty.

Q for Queen, R for Rose
S for Scene, T for Toes.

U for Under, V for vodafone
W for Wonder, X for Xylophone.

Y for Yes, Z for Zombie
You are great, Others are donkey..!

(thanks for bearing this fully nonsense poem by reading it)


richa said...

lol..aisi poem tu hi likh sakta hai.!! :P..aftrol u 2 hv a brains f a 5yr old !!LOL..

richa said...
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dhawal said...

thanks madam..
still..if it makes ppl job is done..!