Monday, August 3, 2009


This post is dedicated to all those people outside my family who have had a great influence on my life. i really love you all...

CYBERNETICNUKER: The person who matters most to me after my family. We're just like timon and pumbaa.! dude,you have really influenced my outlook towards life.someone who is so down-to-earth even when he has a lot in his life that he can be proud of the most intelligent.honest n innocent guys that i have seen in my life. Dude,your simplicity is just awesome & knowlegke ka toh tu bhandaar hai yaar..! what happens to you actually affects me. people say that best friends are rare to i know why... i don't think i will find another person like you ever in my life.. dude you rock. just pray we remain friends like this forever.

ALLHAD:: wat can i say about you yaar.. you areb just out of this world. thats why god made no one else who could even come close to you. you are someone who have always taught me something about social life and changed a moron,nerdy guy to a social person. you wouldn't even know that.but yes,its true. i have learnt a lot from you. i mean you were among those rare4 people whom i was avle to tell so much about myself. and the common interest fo songs,movies,etc,etc.etc n what not..! n ur bindass attitude roxx yaar. & 1 more thing- You are still the next thing to madness.!!

YOU SPELL ME AS DHAVAL: Man..!! u wont ever spell my name right..hai naa..?? but,you have been one of the sweetest persons i have come across in my life. i do u manage to be so sweet n helpful n always managing that sugar voice of yours.. i'd love to see u angry,altleast once.. and mayb you wont acknowledge this but yes.. you should get atleast one-third of the credit of my acdemic success. sach mein yaar..! u were the one who made me study by asking so so so many doubts. & coz of this i had to study something majboori mein which helped me a lot yaar. i mean i criusly wudnt have been in this institute but for your doubts.. hehe! and i can very well imagine how long your phone bill must have been in those days [:-P] but criusly yaar..thanks for being there with me..! gal u rock...!!!! n have a gr8 life with your chicken..!

G'MAN GUY: the most pure-hearted person i have ever seen in my entire life.. dude my head bows down to don't know yaar but you are damm gr8..! (skh will one day kick herself). for the incessant faith you used to put in me,i still don't know what to say for that. u r sum1 who evn hailed me a gud prsn..! n u dunno hw ashamed i usd to feel wen u usd to look upto me. dude u criusly rock... with such a pure heart and a caring nature...success will never fall fall short of u. evn god is proud to make a guy like u. n u always inspire me to bcum just like u..! u rock dude..!!

MISS ALUWALIA: sweetie pie you rock..!!!! if there someone who reprimands me everytime weh she sees me..its you.. everytime you altst hav to scold me abt one thing.. bt that tells me that u do care for me. u r only one whos always concerned for me n always gives me true advice. n wen u DO call up(wich is rare), i luv wen u say "CALL NAI KAR SAKTA THA KYA".. that proves tht when we dun talk for evn months..we still hav a telepathic touch with each other... :) Chinta mat kar..i ll come to ur place n hav food (cooked by u ths tym). n baby..try reducing some fat... love ya always...

COSTUME: i dunno why but ths guy is one of those who hav influenced my life to the hilt. maybe its the amount of time that he has spent with me, or maybe our opposite characters but still he roxx... chilled out, handsome looking, great sense of humour, witty lines... yaar..just improve your tone a bit n u can make any girl go weak in the knees for you... n tab ek nahi..dus dus gf's ban jayengi. anyways...this guy is someone whom i wanna bcum like in my life. so chilled tension..!!! wish i was like you.. you may be a bit dumbo ,i may get more marks than studyin less than you but dude..u r indispensable..!!! really!!! HAIL COSTUME!!! hail your toothy smile..!! hav a nice life dude!!

GUTTU: well..i never thot u wud find a place here but yes you do..!! dunno why..? but yes you too taught me a lot of things in life.. thing i still wanna say... dun be behind me..m still alone in my way.well..u may find it harsh but u did teach me a new way of dealing with ppl.. n yahh..u did taught me hiw to dodge ppl n all that stuff... but yes..u do play an influential role in my life. have a good life yaar n i'd like to aplogise to changing yo so much that u think so much now b4 evrythng...! neways..hav a good life yaar...!! i wish u all the best...!! tc

QUAKER BB: hmm..tere baare mein kya kahoon yaar...the simplest of the guys in the whole world. The guy who is so sweet n so down to earh n rue and what not!!!! You are the ultimat combo of everything yaar! i still remeber that you wre the first guy to talk to me when i moved into the new school. YAAR tu ekdum stud banda hai..away from all the glitterati of the world n still rocking in ur life.And the ultimat4 charm that you hae in yourself that every girl who meets you falls for you. Bas tu unhe kabhi bhaav nahi deta..! yaar..i wont ever b forget you..U R SIMPLY GR8!!!

(P.S:more people yet to be added)