Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I cried but tears refuse to fall.
My heart shatters, but no sound at all.
I don't know what wrong i did,
Hey God, can you answer my call..?

I was doing what i had to do..
trying to stay impartial and all..
I was steadily treading my path,
When, out of the blue, came this call.

You didn't do anything wrong, you say
But, did i do anything wrong? I ask.
All i ever said was the truth,
But, in the glory of betrayal, i now bask.

I don't know what future holds.
The present is already so bold.
There are some things that go "Out of hand",
while there are also some that "you can't control".

What's done has been done,
No use ruing about the past.
Live moves on, and so have to we..
let's go ahead and


Deepika said...

Musing of heart?
A nice message at last though... :)

dhawal said...

life moves on and so do we....

cyberkoolfreak said...
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ravitejamulpuru said...

dps......mast hai!!!!

keep it up........

apne intern pe bhi thoda dhyan dedo..!!

dhawal said...

praise from raviteja....
ab toh mera blog safal ho gaya....

Tanvi said...

Nice lines, meaningful yet gay :):)


poo said...

nice one yaar :) intern pe kuch kaam ni karate toh tu kam se kam apna ye kaam toh kar hi rha hai:P

Arpita said...

nice post...meaningful but yet light...

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