Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The incomplete proposal

Warning! This is a piece of awful nonsense written from a loafer's point of view in just 20 minutes. You might find yourself really irritated after reading this.
Read at your own risk!

Excuse me! Kya main aapke do minute le sakta hoon..?
Tumhe apne dil ka haal suna sakta hoon..?
Shayad tu ye jaane ya na jaane,
Saal ke pehle din se tujhe pyar karta hoon.

Isey gulaab na samjho,apna dil de raha hoon,
Guldaste ka akhiri fool tumhe de raha hoon.
Main na jaanu pyar kya hota hai..
Par itna jaanu ki tujhse pyar kar raha hoon.

Mere pyar ka gift, tu sweekar toh kar,
Ek baar!! Ek baar toh ikraar tu kar,
Pyar kya...car bhi de dunga tujhe..
Tu apne address ka bakhan toh kar!

Tere gharwalon ko bol ki main taiyyar hoon..
Tu kahey toh dikhata unhe bhi apna pyar hoon,
Tu mandir mein bol ya church mein,
Main toh bhaag kar bhi shaadi karne ko taiyyar hoon!!


Deepika said...

Lol that was actually hilarious proposal. Aise propose kiya na to mile gyi ladki :p
and pehle padhai to poor kar lo.. Fir shaadi bhi kar lena :p :p
p.s.- welcome back in dreams of lives...

Deepika said...

haaye haaye.. Typos in the small comments too...
Its mil gyi ladki and padhai poori kar lo...
Mera keypad mashah-allah

Tanvi said...

Lol :D that was funny... but its too filmy and unrealistic :P :P By the way thanks for making me laugh again :):)


dhawal said...

woaahh.. thats nice to see that two ppl still follow my blog and read my every piece of crap at the earliest...!! Thanks you both..!! :)
@deepika: arey, IITians ko kaise b ladki nai milti.. plus this one was written in utterly nonsense mood for a comedy skit... Alas!it never made the cut..!

@tanvi: feels nice to hear tht i atlst managed to make u laugh.. yeah,it was meant to be filmy n all..!!

Arpita said...

ha ha ha.....one of the funniest post of ur blof...
bechaari ladki aise propose kiya naa toh gaye beta...
waise nice rhyme..
keep it up...
may god bless u..

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