Sunday, October 5, 2008

unfulfilled wishes..!

here it goes...
#wishes for your love#

Do i miss her..?? i dont know
maybe i am moving with the time flow
my heart still beats for her,that much is sure!
and i know that my feelings for her are pure!

i know we have drifted apart a bit
but still...i do miss you to the hilt
even now,we talk to each other
thats the only fact that helps me live!

you said yes to someone else
but i won't ever say a word against you
i know its only from my side
and i know that is the truth...

but,i know...i believe...i wish...
that one fine day,we will be together.
And then,people will say for us
"And they lived happily ever after"

Till then,i will wait for you
stand right here and care you through
all the smiles and obstacles of life
because,i know you are my life..!!!
love yaa...


Nuker said...

Good poem!!
Waiting for more!!

dhawal said...

thanks dude!!!
there is one bettr than this....

pooja said...

u r really a poet... acchi hai. btw koi thi kya ya fir aise hi...

dhawal said...

thanku ji for ur compliments...!
n so far..that "koi" doesnt exist..