Friday, October 10, 2008


What you are,you don't know
To you,my head gets down to bow
i don't know why i am writing all this
& i don't know i am writing this how..??

As i write these lines,i really wish
A smile starts to show its trace..
Maybe you are already smiling (Are you..?)
With the curly locks hiding your face!

You are a really good person
in this "not so good" worldly place.
Someone whom i see as
one of the the best friends i have ever had till date..!

I know what i've written is really silly
with no rhyming and no good sense.
But i hope you get what i want to say
THAT you are my sweet "allhad" friend..!

Maybe i have written too much
& bored you with all this crap.
So,in the end,i just want to say


franciscas said...

super bueno me encantaría conocerte

dhawal said...

hey thanks for your comment...
i only understood the word "super"
but i guess you have said something nice only..!!

Spoofed Apex said...

"super bueno me encantaría conocerte" is spanish which translates to "Great, I would love to know more about you"


dhawal said...

thanku for the translation yaar...!!!