Saturday, December 20, 2008

Life goes on...

I dont know what love means
I've lost myself in a world called dreams
where anything that I want can happen
but what doesn't happen is what I wish...

I wish you were here in my arms
smiling happily with your lovely charms
I can't imagine how happy I'd have been
when i'll put that necklace around your palms.

I wish you'd say that you love me
in reply, I'd ask, "Will you marry me?"
you'll try to hide your blushing smile
And I'll proudly say that 'you are the best thing that has happened to me'.

But all this is not to be
dreams don't turn into reality.
We all live in a practical world
where you are still far away from me.

So...what does that make you think?
That I'm on sadness's brink..?
Well...sorry dear.But you're wrong...
Life goes on...and I'm happily living.

Coz someone loves me more than I love you.
And that love is so pure and true
And that lover are my parents
and i love then too...

Maybe you are not meant for me.
Maybe we are not destined to be.
But I love my parents the most
and in one corner,I also truly love thee....


manu bharghav said...

gud one buddy
jus keep writin and u will devlop that edge which i think u got

Sakshi said...

nice one!!
actually..all of them r quite gud!! :)

Divya said...

This poem of urs is so so so sweeeet.....i simply loved it...

digvijay said...

execellent yaar.....wid so much feel u hav written it..gud work

dhawal said...

thanks a lot people...for ur lovely comments...!!
plz do keep on visiting it n any suggestions for improvement r most welcome...

pooja said...

nice poem!! really touching.. keep going

dhawal said...

thanks yaar...

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