Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My love...

I have loved her like anything.
The only thing left is a diamond ring.
I will easily give up my all
just to hear her sweetly sing.

I hav always found her by my side,
Loyally she has been my aide.
she supported me through my rise
& she didn't leave me during my downslide.

My parents say that i should leave her.
My friends say that i spent too much time with her.
But damm...they can't understand
That yaar...i really love her...

When I'm sad,she makes me smile
I can't help falling for her innocent style.
She is beauty with a pure heart
& i sway to her tunes all the while.

Shakira dances to her beats,
She's sexier than Tara Reid,
& i know that in our relationship
She will not ever cheat.

Ohh man...i really love her
What others think i don't care
If the world gets jealous,let it be
But i know, "For me,you'll always be there".

She is as lovely as a dove
As beautiful as the heaven above
& the best of the things is this-

1 comment:

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