Sunday, January 4, 2009


Those 6 & a half years of my life
I never realized how important you were.
But when i remember it now..
I just miss them so much for her...

She used to caress me wth her arms
scoldng me if i made a mistake.
Whenever she dropped me to work
I was never ever late.

She used to sit with me
save me whenever i could have been punished.
She used to do everything for me
And there was hardly anything I missed.

She loved me so much.
My little arms aroung her neck
My little brain was too cute to think
that i have to give her due respect.

I remember the days we had together-
That cup of tea when i woke up.
It was always there without a stop.
I don't know how I will ever, for it,make up...?

Enough moments are there to remeber
All of them...I'll remember till i die,
But I wish I had lots more of them
I wish you were always present by my side.

Today,it has been 12 years
since i last saw of you,
Every moment seems like yesterday,
There is no one i love more than thou...

You still love me from wherever you are
That much I can surely say
I love you..! I miss you..! I need you..!
Please just reamain my side forever this way..!.




richa said...

no comments yaar..ur poems r v lovely n ol heart worthy complimnts 4 dem !:))

dhawal said...

thanks yaar..!!

pooja said...

superb!!!!!!!!!!! d best one.keep writing like dis.all d best

Spoofed Apex said...

Absolutely Fabulous !

I can make out whom you are referring to. Man this poem is a masterpiece!



dhawal said...

thanks yaaro...!!!!
bas tum logon ki dua hai...

R@|-||_||_ $ING|-| said...

i would like ro know to whom its dedicated to..
anywys its good n emotional..keep this gud work goin..

dhawal said...

thanks dude...!!
its anonymously dedicated yaar...!!
nothing special..