Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby..Say Yes!

Baby you've got me going..
I don't know how I'm saying..
that I really love you.
Please love me the way I do...

You won't find a man like me
who'll take you on a shopping spree.
I'd buy you as many dresses you wish
perfumes and bangles and all thats there in your list.

I'd take you to a place so far
on a long drive in my car.
Mountains and hills and valleys you'll see..
Oh Baby! just for once do love me..

I wanna take you on a romantic dinner
where the lights of candle will shimmer
& we'll dance together under the stars..
BABY! please leave all your differences afar..

No man could love you the way I do.
Baby I love you really true.
You've been sent for me from the heaven above.


Anonymous said...

The only thing which i would say after reading all of your poems-"Its the dreamy lives which keep on dreaming, keep on thinking, keep on singing, keep on feeling. Its just the love, which make someone like you like this, It hurts if you don't get it, it pains and you can't express it.."
Well Done!
Keep expressing your feelings.
May god bless you.
May your dreams come alive.

dhawal said...

thanks yaar..tune toh kuch zyada hi likh diya....

Deepika said...

oh..... this is so sweet. i wish every gal has a lover who will say this and MEAN this too.....
seriously loved it.

Deepika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dhawal said...

thanks....!!! :) :) :)

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