Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Faces and faces I see everywhere
some happy. some joyful, some sad are also there
smiles & twinkle & tears of cry.
Some change everytime, some stay same all the while

Some console with their sympathy
Some inspire with lovingly empathy
Some make me smile with just their voice,
Others just pass by and leave me to god's advice.

Some of them are faithful
Some others to whom i'm loathful
Some who always put on a plastic mask
Some who think humanity is a wasteful task

But some of them have a genuine emotion
without any ill or misconceived notion
they are those with the purest heart
who try to pull everyone out of the dark.

Let the god bless those who are true...
Give them respect...its their due...
If you can't be like them, don't be the reverse
because every sin we'll do comes back to us..!



poo said...

wat to say??????? u r really superb

dhawal said...

wat can i say..??
bas thanku keh sakta hoon..

The One said...

a great thinker !
a great observer !
a wonderful writer !


dhawal said...

thanks 4 ur praise dude...
do tell who u r..

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