Friday, February 20, 2009

You are the same...

It hasn't been so long
Or has it been..? i don't know...
We have been friends for enough time
that we can atleast sing friendship songs.

You are a great person
who knows oneself really well.
How much mature you seem to be...
That even I can't tell.

Your curly locks have gone straight,
glass spectacles cover your face.
But,you are still the same...
Maybe you have gained a bit of weight.

But,that won't mean you have changed.
You are still as true as your name.
If there is someone whom I can look up to anytime
That can only be you my "mad" friend.

Maybe your face now has a wide smile
after reading through my stupid writing style.
But, let the connect never ever end
By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my "allhad" friend..!!


poo said...
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poo said...

i like ur "allhad" style of writing fr ur "allhad" frnd.. nice one!!!!!!!!!!

dhawal said...


Anonymous said...

hey nice one!!:) sense of the way whats ALHAD!!surely its an hindi word i realise...but you can estimate that i am bad at HINDI!!:)

dhawal said...

allhad means someone who is innocently n cutely a small kid..

Anonymous said...

such a nice way to wish a friend...
was a dreamy ride reading your poems..

dhawal said...

thanks dude..

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manu reddy said...

dammn impressive poems man..
keep it up.(obviously expectin more from u).

rokaa said...

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