Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There is a stranger whom i see.
He keeps on staring at me.
Everytime I look at him,
I find some resemblance with me.

He smiles all the time
His face is full of glow
He is a bit familiar...
Maybe he is someone whom i know.

His eyes have a bright twinkle
descripting his happy face.
His lips are curved in a smile.
Nowhere does sadness have any trace...

Is he just out of heaven..?
Or does he have no worries at all..?
The expression of happiness on his face
keeps on becoming tall and tall.

His hair wave over his forehead.
He has a wide smile.
His eyes bilinking so softly...
Its so amazing all the while.

Why does he seem familiar..?
Have i seen him somewhere..?
Maybe yes... I think yes... me, he is a bit similar.

But the only difference
lies in our expressions...
He is so full of joy
but i'm so full of tension.

My smile has been lost.
I can't recover it at any cost.
Here, my eyes plead for something...
Unlike his eyes which keep on happily twinkling.

My lips wish to tell a thousand stories.
But, still they remain silent all the while,
His lips also tell a thousand stories...
all of them reflected in his smile.

I know why he a bit familiar..
I know who is that stranger..
i guess its me, myself...
just lies between us the mirror...


poo said...

gud one!!!!!!!!!! gr8 thought behind it...well keep going

dhawal said...

thanks yaar...!!

The One said...

a good reflection ...

resembles the state of minds of people like us

dhawal said...


Neelika said...

hey... nice one... :)

dhawal said...


PULKIT said...

cool one bro!
dint knew that you have a blog too!
blogging is my eternal hobby from past 8 months! i am regular blogger, comment on my work too at
and do scrap me, whenever u write something intresting regarding my taste on ur blog...!! i loved reading ur work

dhawal said...

thanks dude...!!

vaishali said...

really gud yaar...

dhawal said...



People are strange, sometimes the other does not know us but know that so little.

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